Whispering canyon-all good?


I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about WC and it’s on our dining list for next year but I’m alittle curious about the “goings on” there. Don’t spill the beans with details but my son can be easily embarrassed and I’m wondering if anyone found the whole thing alittle too much. I remember reading that someone went to 50’s PT and found the waitresses over did the whole thing and they didn’t care for it. Again I know everyone likes different things but did anyone not like to WC?



My MIL did not care for the humor. But she’s definitely not the norm…in MANY ways. :wink: We absolutely LOVE it. It’s a must do every trip.


I think WC is really fun. I’m not so big on the food but the servers make it worth it.


Well, it’s a blast, but I don’t know if it’s for someone who is easily embarrased.


We really love it there! HB is very shy and she had the ‘spotlight’ on her one evening with the cheerleaders (that’s another story) but it wasn’t a big deal and she actually got a kick out of giving out the Pony Express certs. I don’t think you will have a problem–I think your son will get a kick out of the place!


DW and I have a ADR there in May never been there before but heard it is really awesome


One of my little guys was not feeling great, and the staff never embarrassed him or even pushed him to do anything. And my impression was that all of the silliness is mainly directed towards the adults…Go! Have fun!


I am not sure it’s as good for someone who is easily embarassed, but if you make that clear to the people at the podium when you’re seated I think it should be OK.


Well - I have to admit that we didn’t like it. But - it could be a cultural thing - we’re not really use to that kind of thing and it makes us uncomfortable - but it wasn’t only that - we didn’t enjoy the food very much - my dh dubbed it Cholesteral Canyon.


I thought I was the only one who didn’t think the food was all that great, it was just ok. I guess I’m not that in to BBQ.


I’ll also say that I didn’t like it. The food was fine - I’m from the South, so it’s nothing new. But I simply don’t like the interaction while I’m eating. I’m not easily embarrassed, and don’t mind acting a fool, just not while eating. I like to talk, enjoy the conversation, and be focused on the person/people with me. Not the waitress trying to get me to goof off.


I guess that’s the way we are - we take our food seriously, lol.

DisneyTeacher - we thought we were the only ones who didn’t like it. I like bbq - but it was just TOO MUCH!


We didn’t like it very much either. The food wasn’t great, and our server was horrible–almost SCARY he was so bad!! Not fun at all. It will be a while before I go back there, unfortunately.


I find the food very average… and I love BBQ. I understand that the food used to be better when they operated their own smoke house… but I digress…

My kids are both very shy… and really my wife hates being the center of attention… but I pretty much go with the flow. I’ve found that the servers pick up on this VERY quickly, and they focus on making me the butt of their jokes. Everyone ends up having a good time laughing at/with me.



WC is not high on our list. The food is o.k., but when we eat a meal, we whish to have a nice quiet conversation, and do not care for the interruptions. It might also explain why 50’s PTC is not high on the list either.


Ah, I’m so glad to read this thread. I don’t like to be messed with while eating so I knew I would not eat at 50sPT. Now I know I won’t be wanting to go to WCC either. Good to know.


We love WC!! That maybe because when we go there we know what to expect. If you like to have fun, then what goes on doesn’t matter to you. This is a rowdy place!! The food was not as good this last time that we went (June '05), my oldest son (7 at the time) hates to have attention drawn to him and he also embarrasses very easily. At first he was real laid back and didn’t want to do anything or have anything done to him, but the waitress made napkin hats for me and DH and he started to come around and by 1/2 way thru the meal… he was a totally different child!! Have a great trip!!


Yeah, Im gonna have to agree. I love BBQ, but later that night we were all feeling a little sick. But after sitting at our table I realized most people probably were not there for the quality of food. The atmosphere in there is pretty crazy and loud…our waitress caught the vibe that we kinda just wanted to be left alone, so I think you should be fine if your son is easily embarassed. Our waitress didnt push it very hard at all. But even so, there is so much going on in the restraunt that if you have a quiet kind of family, you end up watching everything else (partly because its too loud to hear each other sometimes). Our family is older, so we were just looking for a nice place with good food. Probably wouldnt go back anytime soon, but I can see the appeal for younger kids.


Wow… I am somewhat shocked at the number of people who don’t enjoy this restaurant… while we have always gone in the Morning for Breakfast I agree the food is average, but we LOVE the interaction and think it is huge fun!!

However, if you read the post between Dew and I guess my personality lends to the enjoyment!


YES. We don’t deal well with greasy, fatty, beef/pork and while it tasted wonderful, our tummies didn’t react well to it. It’s not exactly the Garden Grill! :wink: