Whispering Canyon Cafe Breakfast


Is the atmosphere the same as dinner? Any reviews on the food for breakfast?

I made an ADR for there the morning that my friend Jen and I leave.


I have had breakfast there twice over the past 5 years or so and while our server was still fun, it was a much more subdued atmosphere than at dinnertime. I don’t recall any pony races.


We ate breakfast there a few years ago and it was fun and the food was good. We’re going back again this year.


It’s good! I love the pinecone waffles.


We had breakfast there 3 years ago (we were a party of 8). We told the hostess that our friend was a real buster and to really “abuse” him. He had never been there before and they were great. They kept teasing him and then at one point got a microphone out and made him sing and dance the Hokey Pokey in front of everyone (priceless!). It was lots of fun (and the food was good, too).


Our experience was just so-so. Again, it depends on the server. The breakfast was ok, but we have had better at Disney.


I wouldn’t go there with a migraine, sinus headache, or hangover!


There’s no such thing as any of these at Disney! :ph34r:


I didn’t find it as “loud” as the dinner. I also went first thing in the morning and it was only about three tables of people. As for the food, it was delish!