Whispering Canyon New Menu


I just looked at WC’s new menu on allears. I can handle the changes to the skillet, but no more smores cheesecake?:angry: It was one of my favorite Disney desserts. :glare:


A friend of mine just ate there Tuesday and was very unhappy with the new skillet and changes. She said something was missing. That being said, the service was still on par and crazy as usual!



Can you get the all you can eat skillet for lunch?


No the skillet is not availabe for lunch. Also brisket is not an option on the new menu. I am very disappointed in the changes.


I was sooo looking forward to the BBQ eggs benedict. I wonder if they’d add the BBQ sauce for me. Lol


A request like that should be easy.
Usually, the kitchens can go off script a little, so long as the ingredients are already available.


I just had that at the Trails End breakfast buffet. Totally awesome!