Whispering Canyon questions


Hi all! What are your impressions of Whispering Canyon Cafe? Is it fun? Is the food awesome? Do they have grilled shrimp? Thanks!:blink:


We’ve been to WCC a couple of times, it’s good but not a favorite. I don’t think they have grilled shrimp but I see peel and eat shrimp has been added.

Whispering Canyon Cafe - Dinner Menu- Wilderness Lodge


Loved WC. Great atmosphere… being it’s inside the WL resort. A lot of fun! Great service! Good food! I think I saw shrimp in “The Girls Trip” skillet. Not sure if it is grilled.


I do remember seeing that now that you mention it. It did look good but I don’t remember if it’s grilled.


As an offical Girl Tripper :slight_smile: I can assure you there is grilled shrimp on the skillet…but none of us ate it LOL

WCC is fun…I really like the food…the experience varies depending on your server. I think it’s definately worth a try!


We now have our answer!


I’m a big fan of the Whispering Canyon Cafe both for breakfast and dinner! I always reccommend it, especially if you like a rowdy atmosphere!


I went during my last trip and loved it! My friends made it know to the of waitress that it was my b-day soon after i was in front of the entire restaurant with a six yr old doing head shoulders knees and toes. It a great place for fun and noise!


Great for kids! It is true some servers can be a little more fun than others, but we have never been disapointed. I love the food - we always get the all you can eat skillet! The atmosphere is awsome at WL, it is one of our favourites.


I love WC! It was a lot of fun and excitement. Not the place for a quiet meal. This is the place to go if you want rowdy fun.


Sorry, I was not impressed at all- we ate there on my birthday and of course I rode around the restaurant singing… but honestly, it was overpriced and only a few of the servers seemed to be “into it”. For a great meal at WL, I suggest Artist Point. My energetic sons (now 7 and 12) both agree that they would rather eat wonderful food at Artist Point.

I seem to be in the minority here, but we wouldn’t go back.


Can’t help you with the grilled shrimp thing (others have already answered that you you), but WCC is not on our top 20 list. It is just us, but when we go out to eat, we want to eat, have a conversation, and not be interrupted. We only found the food there to be o.k. If you have young kids, you might enjoy it much more.


WC is a must-do for your trip. Our whole family really enjoyed it!!!


We enjoyed it, but be ready for a fun, rowdy time. It is more fun if you have kids with you-especially kids who aren’t shy and will play around with the servers. We laughed and had a great time!


I really like the food. The skillet was very good and the cheesecake was great. If you liked that type of food it is very good.


We LOVED WCC! Our kids were 4 and 7 when we went and they had a blast! It was loud, rowdy and the food was awesome!!! Much like our meals at home! :blush: This is the only place at WDW that DH says it an absolute must for us!


I must agree with some of the others… it ALL DEPENDS on your waiter. Some of them are REALLY into it… and others are just NOT. It is still a great place though.


My impression of WCC: LOUD!

It’s a fun, energetic place, a sure fire hit with the kids. But I have to admit, I have been there and been uncomfortable due to the noise. After a long, hot day in the parks, I often have a headache. It’s not the best place to be in that frame of mind.


Thanks for all your thoughts! What else is on the skillet?


Corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, ribs, pork, I think baked beans.
Here is a link to the complete menu.
Whispering Canyon Cafe - Dinner Menu- Wilderness Lodge