Whispering Canyon Ressies


I’m trying to make a reservation at the whispering Canyon and everytime I end up getting a error return. Are other people getting the same error?


When I just tried it, I didn’t have a problem. So if anyone wants a ressie for noon today, it’s available, since I didn’t actually make it. I went as far as clicking “make reservation” and the screen for entering the personal info came right up.

Where are you having the problem?


Once I go to the last page it comes up with an error. Will try it again it for the 13 Oct for 2 PM it said there a table available but when i hit enter to confirm the error shows up and I’m logged in and within my stay dates.


Called and found out that the tables for Whispering Canyon for October have not been released yet. According to the CM she said that they will probably release them monday. Will check then to see if they have been released. Right now according to her the tables are open thru 27th of Sept.


Well, that is around 180 days.