Whispering canyon?


I made reservations at whispering canyon for christmas day. I was wondering if anyone has been there for christmas and how it was? I tried to get LTT but it was all booked up.:frown:


I haven’t been there for Chirstmas, but have had dinner there twice and am having it there again for my upcoming October trip. It’s a good meal and a good time no matter what day of the year…no worries. you picked a winner!


We’re staying at WL next trip and will definitely fit in Whispering Canyon at least once. It sounds like the kids would have a great time there.


Your kids will love it there. Try to get some adult time at Artist Point also! It is awesome.


The breakfast there is excellent. Keep that in mind…I had breakfast there twice and didn’t even have an ADR…just walked right up and was sat. Perfect meal…not as loud as the dinner, but great food!


So, you would not take kids (7 & 14) to Artist Pointe?


No, you certainly can. It is “fancy” by Disney standards but certainly not stuffy or super-formal. I have to admit, my DW and I went there and let our oldest watch the young ones in the WL hotel room just so we could have one “adult” dinner together. You know, it’s just a different kind of fun.

However, you can certainly bring your kids at that age!

The food is very, very good. I think you’ll love it!:cool:


I have reservations at artist point for christmas eve, i have eaten there before and it was great, but i just wasnt sure about whispering canyon for christmas day


DS (now 15) LOVES Artist Pointe. He went a couple years ago and has begged to go back. Maybe next trip!


I’ve never been there for Christmas dinner but I think it would be great. The resort lobby is beautiful with all the decorations and the restaurant has a homey feel to me so it sounds perfect.


I was just thinking…Wilderness Lodge…Whispering Canyon for Christmas dinner…fireplace…mountainess feeling of the tall woodsy trees…springs and a geyser…the only thing missing is the SNOW!

KerryD- Take tons of pictures to post in your trip report. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Whispering Canyon.


Never been for Christmas, but love the resort and Whispering Canyon.


I’ve taken a 6 and 2 year old to Artist’s Pointe, and it was wonderful. The staff made it so easy – great food and really creative desserts for kids. I would highly recommend it! Both boys loved it!


I just want to thank all of you for your comments, I really think it will be great having christmas at wilderness lodge, i thought the same thing about the feel of christmas there, its seems so cozy and warm there.:redface: I will take alot of pics there and post it on a trip report. thanks again:mickey:


My post was gonna be just like DisneyTeacher’s so, I’ll just copy it and write “Ditto”!


Super Choice!


That sounds just awesome. Christmas at Disney is just so amazing… sigh…

We did the Hoop Dee Doo for Christmas in 2004. It was a different restaurant but Disney just made it the best christmas ever- I think no matter where you go in Disney it will be just perfect.


It will be great! Enjoy it.


It will be great! Enjoy it.