Whispering Canyon


OK meal #2

Monday, Arrival Day, Whispering Canyon.

Any reviews? Picks/Pans? Tips?

Thanks everyone!



I think that it’s a great place for arrival day. Lots of fun!!
I say go for it!
We had the all you can eat skillets, lots of great tasty food.

We also had a great time both times we were there.


It is a hit or miss place with us, we have had a ton of fun there, and then, not so much. It really depends on your server and your mood, of course.

We like the bottomless shakes, and the skillets are very good.


Its great ask for ketchup


We loved loved loved LOVED Whispering Canyon!!

It was so much fun!! :happy: The food was excellent - ohmygoodness, my mouth waters at the thought of that cornbread and the pulled pork. :wub:

We had a great experience, and will definitely be back!


Whispering Canyon is one of my very favorite restaurants. I love all the fun and I could eat my weight in pulled pork! I also love their salad dressing.

I would recommend the skillet though. I made an ADR there for my cousin and her family during their trip and it was their least favorite meal but they all ordered off the menu and didn’t have the skillet.


We stayed at WL and ended up cancelling two of our other ADRs bc we enjoyed it so much the first time. We loved Artist Point to so give that a try as well!!


LOVED IT! Going back again on our next trip.


I agree, we were so looking forward to the craziness, but had a “dud” as a server. The other tables were having so much more fun. I think you will like it.


Its disappointing, isn’t it? The first time we went, we had so much fun! My dh even had to get up and do “I’m a Little TeaPot.” :biggrin:


Whispering Canyon is one of my favorites. We always get the skillet. Lots of food and lots of fun.

p.s. Drink your soda really fast!


I am so glad to hear that. I do have ADRs for Artist Point so that is great!



Thanks everyone. I have heard about the ketchup thing but thats about it. I really hope we get a great server. I would LOVE for someone to make DH do “I’m a little Teapot!”.

I have never heard what happens when you drink really fast so I will be sure to go in thirsty so I can see what will happen.

Thanks everyone!



Also, you can talk on your cell phone,(the servers love that) or ask for a fork.:wink:


Great fun
put your universal t-shirt on

loads of stuff on youtube

YouTube - Wilderness Lodge Resort


Cool link. I just watch it plus all of the other WL stuff!

Thanks for sharing!



My only reservation about WL is how loud it is. Twice I have been there after a long hot day in the parks and it made my head ache. So going on arrival day is a great plan.


That’s exactly what I was thinking after I watched You Tube. Always heard great things about it, and it’s on my list but with it being so loud, I don’t know if DH would enjoy it.


I must be the only MBer who doesn’t care for WC! Food was so-so, you need to be lucky to get a fun server… ok- throw the rotten veggies!


Get behind me, I’ll shield you. :wink: :happy: