White Plains, NY airport


Any east coasters ever fly out of the airport in White Plains, NY?

I usually fly out of Hartford, CT but a friend of mine is taking JetBlue out of White Plains. She said the only problem is the parking. Once the lot is full - that’s it.

Anyone have any experience at this airport?


Can White Plains handle full-sized jets?


Sorry, I’ve never heard of it! I always use JFK or LGA.


I fly out of White Plains… or HPN as it’s coded. Yes full size planes go out of it. Airtran has direct flights from HPN to MCO which is why I go. I have someone drop me off and pick me up. Parking is an issue (they warn you about that at the website). Ask any questions and I"ll be happy to answer for you.


zefyr… just found out (because of this thread!) that JetBlue flies in and out of White Plains, with direct service to Orlando! This airport is cosmically close ot my house and I never even knew it had commercial jets. If hte JetBlue planes are the big Airbus ones and not the Embraers, I would love to give it a try!


Yes, JetBlue planes are AirBusses!


Yup, they have full size planes. It’s super convenient. Get there early though because there’s only 1 line to go through the security (it does split eventually for the two machines). If you have more than 1 plane leaving it can get a little cramped but. I love not having to go to JFK or LGA…much less stressful, especially if you’re get gets switched. One main holding area so you don’t have to go crazy running to catch a plane.

The big downside is parking…so if you can get someone to pick you up and drop you off, you’re set.