Who do we use now?


I just learned that my guide has RETIRED FROM DVC!

We are on the brink of buying a few more points, so what happens now? Has my membership been given to another guide automatically, or do I get to choose who that will be?


I think you may be assinged a guide but you may be able to request someone before you start the process of buying more points.


Yeah, I’d call & if you want to move to someone else tell them. I have a feeling they assigned you to someone else.


Call them up. It can’t hurt to let them know who you want to handle your business since you are a current member. I do agree with Wish that they probably have you assigned to someone else to keep things running smoothly but I would definitely call them up


You have to give your points to me. I’ll hook you up with a new guide and you can buy some from him. :laugh:

I’m actually on my 3rd guide. One retired and one moved into the QA sided. They will assign someone to you, but you can request another guide if you prefer.