Who going to MNSSHP on 9/22?


Okay this is what I did…

5pm ADR’s at Corel Reef… DH says it’s a must (first time for us).
Bought tickets for Nikki (DD13) and myself for MNSSHP…

So Who Else Will Be There?

Would love to meet?


we are attending on this nite as well. We have 5:20pm ressies for Liberty Tree Tavern Character Dinner. What an awesome way to start out the party!!!


true so true…
I am so excited…

See you there!


We’ll be there with our twin daughters (who turn 3 on the 19th). We can’t wait to see which princess they want to “be” that night!

No ADRs, though. We’re staying at the Contemporary and figure we’ll let the girls chill out for abit in the late afternoon since we expect it’ll be a late, sugar-fueled night.

See you there.


We have ADRs in Epcot - Coral Reef at 5pm, DH wants to eat there.

I just bought my daughter (12) a bambi baby doll PJ’s.
This way she can stay cool and still be in costume. Told her she can be a little girl enjoying the park. She loved the idea.

I will be there on 9/22 also, maybe we’ll bump into each other.


If you run into a Jedi Mickey sweating profusely, it’ll probably be me!


I will make it a point to keep an eye out…