Who has alternate Ideas to 2008 Dining Plan Hike?


In lieu of the 2008 Dining plan changes, I’m considering a return to our previous savings strategies. Without the appetizer and tip, I can’t see how a majority of Restaurants will offer that significant of savings on the normal plan. If your soaking Le Cellier for the expensive dishes, you’ll pay for it in the tip, plus its a mandatory 18% for alcohol and parties of 6 or more. Im looking to cut costs reasonably, not off the wall ideas. My thoughts for savings (no real new stuff here, just a recap) as follows:

[li]The old splitting of entres, appetizers and desserts
[/li][li]Drinking water
[/li][li]Buffets that were not the greatest value on the old plan (trail’s end)
[/li][li]Cereal in the room for breakfast.

I loved the old plan but can do without the crappy counter desserts, and I love water anyway. WHat will some of you do as an alternate to the plan?


see - yet again Im punished for being a party of 6… I dont even get an opinion as to how good my service is!


Can someone post a link to the changes on the dinning plan? Are they removing anything or is just a price hike?


Mouseplanet has an update on the 08 plans, with links to the pdfs.

Walt Disney World Park Update (Walt Disney World Park Update) by Mark Goldhaber on August 6, 2007


Pulling the 18% tip out of the package is a big drawback! The math really changes and might push me back to paying out of pocket and just using the Disney Dining Experience for the blanket 20% discount.


That’s what we plan to do. But now that the DDE is a better deal, the price for the card will probably go up 3,000 %. It’s bad enough you have to pay 25 dollars for a second card. (although my DH loves that part, that means If I want to save money, I have to go get the food since the card is in my name.)


Was talking to DH about the change last night, he feels the same way I do, people may not leave 18% tip, some people leave 4-10% depending on the service so the waiters are the one that will be hurting.

Taking the appetizer out is really no big deal, but they can’t automatically charge you 18% tip to an appetizer it’s just not right.

Some places state that if you have a party of 6 or more you automatically get a certain % tacked on for tip.


The plan really doesn’t make much sense for my family anymore. DW,DD(10) DS(8) and I = no savings!! I will use the DDE and see how that goes. THe one bright spot is that it will make it easier to enjoy whatever park I am in and not worry about getting to a ressie somewhere else or at a certain time. Eating when you are actually hungry will be a welcomed change.Maybe this will make Disney explore some other options???


There also is the option of going to the places at Swan/dolphin, which I have avoided on the previous trips.


Honestly until my kids get older and hungrier, this may be a good thing to not do the DDP again. We wasted so much food and now my son is 10 he will be at adult prices and it just isn’t worth it. I think we will pick our favorite places like Chef Mickeys, Whispering Canyon and 50’s PT and the rest will be counter service or we will be splitting meals because none of us eat that much. I will miss the convenience of it though!:sad:


I really wouldn’t count on it being easier to just walk up to any restaurant in WDW. Plenty were busy and hard to get into as walk ups before they started the MYW with Dining plan. I would continue making dining reservations if I were you, if only to avoid the frustration of it being time to eat and you’ve got a one hour wait in front of you.


I actually like the idea of them taking the tips out of the plan. The servers kinda blew off the DDP people during busy times at the restaurants and the patrons didn’t get the best of service. The way I take it now it’s Disney’s way of saying, “If the servers want their tips, they’ll have to work for them now.”


I have no alternative plan. I will go on as I have been. I will more than likely use the DDP. It makes sense for just me and my DD. I don’t really care about the things that have been taken away…doesn’t really bother me one way or another. When I get to the point of having to make serious cuts to my vacation in order to afford it or save money, I’ll just wait another year or 6 months in between trips. That’s not vacation to me.


Depending on our DDP this year will determine if we use it again even though the loss of the Tip may make a difference as that is a big thing on the plan.Ive never had a problem with the servers so they will always get a tip from us


Pay as you go. Normally we would’nt eat that much or go to as many fancy places.


I kinda agree with Dopey a bit. I would rather wait half a year, and then vacation well. However, when I look at athe total cost for 7 days, Ill probably cut out 1 or 2 nights of table service, and then that should total out less than the DDP. LAst trip, on at least two occasions. we forced ouselves to the table service because we would have wasted credits. Now we will just cancel that dinner and pocket the cash.


Not being on the dining plan isn’t going to change much for us because we didn’t change where we went when we used the plan. We still ate at the same places on the dining plan, we ordered more food than we could eat. We’ll still plan a sit down meal each day but we’ll just order what we want and can eat.


I want to just say that this year is the first time we’ll be on the DDP. It’s only our second time staying on property.
I have posted that a time or two in other threads, I have had the most difficult time figuring out where to eat and that’s because of the plan. I usually am more of a free spirit and going in November as we always do, I usually made up my mind where I wanted to eat that morning, called for an ADR then and it was done.

This time with the DDP, because I wanted to eat where I might not be going oop, it was a pain. We will see how this will go. Having said that, I still think that the deluxe plan is great, because I would use it to combine points to eat at signature restaurants, which would still mean just two meals a day
And if I have to save a little longer for a gourmet Disney trip, I will :wink: :smile:


Me too!! My kids (as you can tell from their skinny little bodies in my avatar) don’t eat much at all, and I always feel a twinge of guilt at wasting so much food. By the time we take our '08 trip, my oldest DD will be 10, and it’s very hard to justify those adult prices when she doesn’t even eat as much as a regular kid at one sitting. We’ll just save up those VISA points to cash in for a couple of meals, share entrees, and do all our old saving tricks!


My family too. Before DDP, we just did one or two character meals and ate all other meals at counter service.