Who has Disney luggage?


I was in the market or some new luggage. I have a matching set but Im looking for carry one only due to SWA keeping mine back last time for 3 flights. Does anyone know the size allowed for carryon? how many can you have per person? Does anyone have disney luggage? I was looking on ebags and seen a very nice hot pink mickey bag.


I think you are allowed 2 carry ons per person.

We do have Disney luggage that we purchased online through Disneydirect.
They do not have the exact set anymore… but it is very similar to this…

DisneyShopping.com: Mickey Red 3-Pc. Luggage Set

Carry on allowances…Domestic Airline/Flight Policies -
Scroll down about 1/2 way…

Airline Luggage Allowance Policies and Guidelines


I was also looking into the red ones as well. well they were the gray ones…


I really like the red because it stands out, and it is easy to find on the luggage carousel.


I have two different sets of Disney luggage and they all went through without a hitch. Actually my stuffed suitcases were way under the weight limit


I seen some on ebags that I liked. If I got this one I need 3. I dont know if I want to check my bags or carry them on. I dont want to have lost luggage again…

Here is the one from Ebags for $50 Disney Luggage Mickey Repeat 21 Vertical Upright > Small Rolling Luggage > Luggage - eBags

or if I check my luggage here is a whole set for $50 DisneyOutlet.com: Mickey Charcoal 3-Pc. Luggage Set


I have the red Mickey luggage and love it. In fact, I love it so much I won’t check the large one because I don’t want it ruined. I have other luggage I use when we fly and I don’t care what happens to it. I do use the carry on Micky luggage and it’s perfect. Maybe I need a second set that way I won’t worry so much about it. I got my set for $29.00 with free shipping a couple of years ago.


So instead of the gray you have the red? The check on piece is an ok size? Do you think it will fit alot so I dont need to larger one? Its on sale right now but free shipping doesnt apply…


I just want to say that I do not currently have Disney luggage but seeing the title of this thread made me briefly really sad…

When I was about 15-16 years old I was in my High School’s “Color Guard” & we used to compete locally during indoor “Winter Guard” performances. I had this patent leather Minnie Mouse train case (but it was shaped more like a hat box) where I kept all my make-up, hair accessories, fake eyelashes, etc. :tongue: I LOVED this case, I used it for several years on ALL of our Disney trips, as carry-on, sleepovers, etc. Minnie was just SOO cute on it. Well one day we were RUSHING to leave my house for a competition & didn’t realize I accidentially left the case on the roof of our car as i was loading our trunk. Well, the first red light we came to the car stopped, the Minnie case flew off the back, & the car behind us ran it over. :sad:

That’s all, never had Disney luggage since.


Thats soo sad:crying:


I have a different set of red Mickey luggage.

A few weeks ago I packed 1 change of clothes for the 3 people in my family in the carry on size. That means it held 3 pairs of jeans, 3 sweatshirts, 3 T shirts, and all the socks and stuff for everyone. It was pretty full but there was room for all of it, just nothing else. There’s no way I could go to WDW with just carry on luggage, I must pack too much.

What I do when we travel is pack 2 big suitcases and mix the clothes up so both suitcases have half of everyone’s stuff. That way if a bag doesn’t make it we all have clothes, just not all of them. I could deal with that a lot easier than someone having nothing to wear.


I paid $45. with shipping this past Christmas for out three piece red set.


Hot pink mickey bag?? Sign me up! :biggrin: (It seems we have very similar taste! :laugh:)


That is sooo saddd you should look into getting another one.


I bought the red set for last November’s trip and I wish I hadn’t checked it. they completely ruined my big suitcase. It was stained when we arrived in Orlando and the zipper was broken upon our arrival back home. And no, I did not overstuff it. :pinch: :pinch:


That’s what I’m worried about, I would be sad if it was ruined. We have several suitcases that are totally trashed after maybe 3 flights each and I wouldn’t want my beautiful Mickey luggage to be ruined. In fact, Mike and I were talking about getting a new suitcase before our May trip. It sounds silly since I have a very nice piece that sits empty but I want to keep it for years.


I have a red bag that I got quite a few years ago. Tim would not let me get the whole set at hte time, and now i can not match the pattern that I have (it was discontinued). We have looked at buying anew set, but we already have a nive 4 piece set already and can not tustify buying another set.


Oh Sharon, go ahead and splurge, you live only once, everyone needs new Disney luggage…what else can I say?
Go shopping, darrrlink :laugh:


not luggage as such. I have a couple of Disney handbags and tote bags but not wheelie/suitcase bags. I would love to own them but my DH says…they have ‘steal me’ written all over them. He has zero faith I think!:laugh:


Oh you are so lucky to be in the market for the good stuff!!! I wish I had the nerve…

We always go to TJMaxx or Target and get some cheap rolling duffel whenever we need one… for some reason, the cheap luggage always seems to arrive, and the good stuff gets lost or ruined. Plus, the cheap stuff sometimes comes in really ugly colors, so finding our bag is a snap… But when I see the people with a nice matching set, I am so jealous!

My Louis Vuitton days may never arrive! LOL