Who Has Done Be Our Guest for lunch


We’ll be going back to the World in September, after a 7 day cruise on the Oasis of the Seas. I’m pretty sure after rolling off the cruise we won’t want to be eating huge meals. I really want to see Be Our Guest though. Who has done lunch? What’s good. I like that the menu seems a little more sophisticated. Can we sit anywhere we choose? Can we get wine at lunch? (Like I’ll need more liquor after 7 days at sea).


DH and I went for lunch when we were there in January. We had the steak sandwiches (we thought they were very good). They sort of misplaced our order so they made it up to us by giving us our choice of cupcakes. It was very cute and I can’twait to go back.

There are three rooms for you to sit in, the west wing, the ballroom and there was another room, but I can’t remember the name of it. All were very nice. I thought the west wing was the coolest room.

When you go in, you are given a plastic rose, you tap the rose on the computer screen, and then place your food order. You then go and find a seat. A server brings your food to you because your rose is actually a GPS system. I’m not positive, but I don’t believe they had wine at lunch.

The line was very long, but it moved pretty fast.


Thanks for the info. I wonder how late they serve lunch…maybe we could manage to turn it into an early dinner.


Dinner begins at 4pm, so I would imagine they would have lunch until at least 2 or 3pm


Well, that’s too early. I can’t picture myself eating a steak sandwich for lunch…but the nicoise salad looks good too.


We vary our “eating schedule” while at WDW—since we don’t make ADRs. :closedeye

Sometimes we will do a late lunch, sometimes a very early dinner—and then do a snack later on…

We realize if we aren’t going to make reservations ahead of time, then we have to eat when and where we can. In order to eat at a “sit down”, we have found, we have to be able to eat at “odd times”… We have never had a problem finding somewhere to eat a good meal at any time of the day :happy:

—it just works fine for us…I would definitely do a 3 o’clock meal to eat at BOG—then do a late night snack of some sort.


I have heard that people are lining up when they get there at 9 for lunch… I’m not anticipating getting to eat there you in June… I’ll report back on the situation when I go in June… Hopefully it will calm down soon… but we will see…


Thanks Hanwill! I’m hoping by the middle of Sept. thing will have quieted down somewhat.


I just did lunch there last week. We waited about an hour on the bridge to get in and order(we got in line at just around 2:00, I think?) It seemed like we were among some of the last folks to get in for lunch. They were definitely not letting anyone else in for lunch by the time we left.

We each ordered soup and then shared the croque monsieur. No wine or beer at lunch just soft drinks. Food was good and reasonably priced considering you get real plates and silverware and then bring the food to you and clean up after you.

We ate in the West Wing which was quieter than the main room but very, very dark! :laugh:

Overall, it was a decent experience. Would I wait an hour to get in again? Definitely not. Will I eat there again someday once it calms down a bit? Sure.


I’m hoping it’ll calm down by September. There’s no way DH will wait an hour, I’m afraid.


Nor will I in October …


I already know it isn’t worth waiting one hour for quick serve or semi quick serve.
If I won’t wait longer than 15 minutes for my table at California Grill, with a reservation, the odds are bad that I won’t eat lunch at Be Our Guest unless I can walk up and get my order taken in 10 minutes.


I don’t mind waiting for something I really want to do…or see…since we only go to WDW every couple of years. …but I would be happy just to be able to walk through and look at all the rooms…I don’t care if I have a meal inside or not.


I was going to write a separate post about this but it fits here so I am just going to post it here.

Going into Be Our Guest, I was pretty excited about trying the kiosk ordering system. After using it, I can say I am not a fan. At all.

Despite being in line looking at a menu for over an hour, most people still took an age at the kiosks because it allows you to look through everything and consider a million different options. I think people would have been moving quicker had they just had to tell a CM what they wanted rather than having a kiosk in front of them to explore every possible option.

Also, the “self ordering” still required A LOT of CMs. First we met a CM who asked how many in our party and how we would be paying. She gave us a buzzer (rose). Then a different CM escorted us to a self service kiosk. We were on the dining plan and wanted to use one quick service meal and two snack credits (soups are snack credits). Well, you can’t do that on one “rose.” So another CM had to come over and get us another “rose” and we essentially had to do two transactions, using our snack plan for one and our quick service plan for the other. At one point we had planned on just getting soups and paying out of pocket for drinks but I imagine we would have needed two “roses” for that too. In the end we used a snack credit for one of our drinks which is not a good use of a snack credit but I couldn’t deal with adding a third “rose” to the process!

After ordering, we walked to the door of the dining area and were met by yet ANOTHER CM who was supposed to help us find a seat. We asked if we could sit in the West Wing and she said “Maybe,” and walked us over there. Then she just brought us to the door and stood there. She pointed at a table and said “You can sit over there.” Okay. Not sure why we needed CM assistance with that since she basically just pointed in a direction. She didn’t record where we were sitting anywhere or anything. It seemed unnecessary.

Then, because we had ordered on two separate “roses,” our food arrived at different times. Not a huge deal but sort of annoying. Also, no one gave us instructions on the drinks but you are just supposed to go up to the drink area and get it yourself. I am not sure how they control theft because all of the cups are just there at the beverage station. Hopefully people will remain honest and not take drinks they haven’t paid for.

I am pretty savvy with the DDP and Disney ordering in general and it was a confusing process for me so I can’t imagine how confusing it would be for a first time visitor on the DDP. I think it would have been a faster process to just have regular CM manned ordering stations rather than the self service.


BUT - how is the ambiance?

(did I spell that correktly?)


Thanks for the review Karen.

I don’t think this is going to be a “must-do” for us - one of my biggest pet peeves is people who waste time ordering - this seems to take it to another whole level! I just really want to look at the “ambiance”.


[QUOTE=llama;1131382]Thanks for the review Karen.

I don’t think this is going to be a “must-do” for us - one of my biggest pet peeves is people who waste time ordering - this seems to take it to another whole level! I just really want to look at the “ambiance”.[/QUOTE]

We ate there on New years Eve Janice. It was nice. We waited about an hour to get in, but conscidering the day, we took it in stride. It sounds like they changed things, as we gave an order to a CM, and did not use a kiosk. If you want just the ambiance, go early before they open. You can LOOK in at the main banquet hall & loby. You can not see the West wing (did nothing for us… very dark). The Rose Garden room was very nice. We did sit in the Main Banquet Hall. Food was good, and no, there is no alcohol for lunch.


[QUOTE=llama;1131382]Thanks for the review Karen.

I don’t think this is going to be a “must-do” for us - one of my biggest pet peeves is people who waste time ordering - this seems to take it to another whole level! I just really want to look at the “ambiance”.[/QUOTE]

Unless your ambivalent about the ambiance …


[QUOTE=llama;1131382]Thanks for the review Karen.

I don’t think this is going to be a “must-do” for us - one of my biggest pet peeves is people who waste time ordering - this seems to take it to another whole level! I just really want to look at the “ambiance”.[/QUOTE]

Add me to that list. Standing ready to order, while the person ahead of you is reading the whole menu to every member of their party makes my teeth hurt. :glare:


You’re standing there waiting for 20 minutes and when you get close to the cashier the dope in front of you will turn around and say to his 24 kids “now, what do you want?”:pinch: It drives dh crazy! Before we even get into line, he marches us to the back of the room, out of everyone’s way and lines us up like the vonTrapp Family Singers where we have to decide, then only he gets in the line. And there’s NO CHANGING YOUR MIND a million times! I get the table, kids get the condiments. This is how it is done! Now read this - and remember it!