Who has done the Africa Trek?


What’s known about this fairly new attraction?

Here’s your chance to tell all :happy:


Yes, do tell… I saw pics of it on Disney- looks like fun.


I think Boss has done it a few months ago. We’ll have to wait for his answer until Tuesday.


I do remember Boss’s report with that in it. It looked like tons of fun.


We just went and it is amazing. If I get time tomorrow AM, I will post a report with some pictures. It is expensive but worth every penny!


Does it fill up quickly? I bet it does… Might need to check into this!


Three of us went during Christmas week. It was great! I’ve been holding out since it’s $249 per person at peak times, but finally decided to bite the bullet this past trip. Some timeslots fill up- our tour had 11 people. The tour before ours only had 2 people. For the first part of the trip you wear a harness so you can get an up close view of the crocs and hippos. I really enjoyed the snack which I considered lunch.

I read a GREAT trip report about this tour. I think it was by DVCMike… (it may have been on another site that starts with M).


That would be awsome, skwak. Thanks



I read a GREAT trip report about this tour. I think it was by DVCMike… (it may have been on another site that starts with M).[/QUOTE]

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I just booked this two weeks ago. I too was a little put off by the price but we have some Florida locals visiting us for a day and they asked if we wanted to try it. When I called and booked it I asked the cast member how quickly it fills up. She said that Disney sends out an e-mail about two weeks before guests visit and follows it up with a hard mailer. She notices that the bookings come in around that time for those dates. She said the information contains things to do other than the theme parks and often prompts tour bookings.


Thanks for this. awesome!!! :slight_smile:


that would be great :smile:


Sorry for delay! We just got back from The World and we were like enough to do the Wild Africa Trek Tour. The tour is amazing and worth every penny. You are led by two guides who are very well versed regarding the tour. What I especially liked was if they did not know the answer to a question, they did not try to “make it up”.

You start off by getting geared up with a vest. You also remove all of your personal belongings (other than a camera) and store them away. When you are ready to go you look like this:


It is best to wear light fitting clothes that you would not mind getting dirty. Closed toe shoes are a requirement. This trek is made for sneakers!

The Trek starts by walking through parts of the Pangani Forest but they guides actually try to get you through this part fairly quickly since you can see these attractions anytime. From there it is off road to see hippos and crocs up close. You actually venture into the penned area but you are clipped if by the vest so you can get close but cannot fall in:


You get to walk over some really cool suspension bridges that are 30 feet in the air and travel over the animals. Again you are clipped in from above but this part does make you a bit nervous:


After you spend a good deal of time with these creatures and learn a ton about them (like why a hippo would almost always kill a croc in a fight) you loose the vests and head out for a personal tour of the savannah:


You spend a good deal of time on the savannah, stopping several times to see the animals up close. We watch the baby elephants play for a good long while:


Then you stop and have a really nice small meal on the savannah. The food is nothing honestly that I would normally go out of my way to eat but it was delicious! You sit and eat and watch the animals forever. It is great! The food was so neat:


After your meal is complete, you travel through the rest of the trek. You learn so much about so many animals and how Disney controls the environment. for example:

The Ostrich - all female and they lay eggs all the time but since there are no males, Disney can control the population.

The Cheetahs are all three sisters.

The Lion and Lioness are brother and sister.

Hippos eat 150 pounds a leafy greens a day.

Best of all in the end, they have been taking pictures and send you the CD. All the pictures that I have posted are there pictures. I did not have to worry about missing a shot!


The Trek is 3 hours long and I would recommend taking the earliest one (8:00AM) so that you are in the park an hour before it opens. It is so peaceful and quiet.

The entire Trek was wonderful and I highly recommend it!!!

If you have any questions, let me know. Wow, this is the closest that I every came to posting a trip report! :laugh: