Who has stayed at POP Century?


Surprising my Fab Five with 6 nights at POP Century. Any building more “fun” than the others?


I’ve stayed at Pop Century three times,and I love it there! In my opinion,there is no bad building at PC. They are all close to the food court/gift shop/check-in area.


I’ve stayed here as well, and I agree than any building would probably be just fine. There are three kind of neat things about Pop that I like: (1) It has a lake. You can take walks on the path along the lake, and there are benches along the way also. I even sat on the grass one day by the lake and it was sooooo nice! (2) You can see (and even hear) the fireworks from this resort! (3) they have frozen coke for your refillable mugs!



It sounds beautiful!
And the frozen coke will be a BIG hit with my kids! :happy:


I have stayed at PC!!! I think that it is a pretty good resort. The food court, and layout of the resort is awesome, and the bus stops that are LABELED (lust like at the parks) are great!!! I would recomend the 70’s building (whichever one is closer to the bus stops). It has great theming, as do all of the buildings, but is close to the bus stops, ,main pool, food court, and lobby.

We only had one problem at PC, and that was the CM’s. Some of them did not go the extra mile that Disney CM’s usually do. One instance was when I bought a slurpee, they didn’t even have a lid that fit the cup, and the CM shoved it in my face and said, “Sorry, we don’t have a lid. Oh well!”. That was probably the worst instance.


Yikes! I would have had to oh-so-sweetly reply with a “hmmm…did you not have your Pixie Dust for breakfast this morning?” :angel:


We stayed at Pop Century for 7 nights. The theming of the resort is wonderful! I thought the food court was great too! My only issue was with mousekeeping. Our room was not Disney Clean. The day we checked in there were Coco Puffs on the floor in our room. These were not smashed they were whole laying up in the bathroom area. If they had been by the beds I could see how they could have been under the bed but they were in plain sight up under the “closet” area. Also somedays, we would come back to our room and our beds weren’t made but we had clean towels. I was like well okay I don’t make my bed at home everyday! But the kicker was our party had 3 rooms and only our room didn’t have the bed made. Kind of strange I thought. The last day we stayed we had a new maid who told us they were having some problems with mousekeeping and All Star maids had been sent over to help out.

For the first time our room was clean and all three rooms had towel characters made. The kids in our group went nuts!

Still in all I would stay there again - they are just working out the bugs!


I love Pop Century I have stayed there three times the only bad thing I have found about it is the parking is not the greatest they dont have enough of it and we have usually had to park in front of where the bus area is but other than that is great and no bad buildings they are all really close to the main building


wow I have never had a problem with Mousekeeping at Pop that must have been a fluke


We stayed there in the 70s building. It was very convienent but got loud at times due to the pool. It was a fun place and the family loved it. We did not spend a whole lot of time there as we were park commandos but the last day I acutally did see the lake on a walk around to take some pictures. It was very nice. We liked the food court and transportation was good.


Lake?? What lake?? Just kidding!! :mickey: We are the same way about being park commandos, and if I didn’t read the books, then I probably wouldn’t have known there was a lake. (Or more than 1 pool for that matter).


My family stayed at PC last March, and loved it. The food court was good and had a great selection. Had no trouble with Mousekeeping and always had something special waiting for my 2 sons when we got back. The bus service was the best we have ever had at WDW. In fact we are going back to WDW in June 2005 and my sons have picked PC as where they want to stay again. We were in 70s bldg I think B. Was very close to buses, Food Court, and the pop jet area, and not far from pools. Never heard anything from outside the room.


We are going in Dec. and we paid a bit more for the preffered rooms closer to the Front, I know at the All Stars it makes a big difference, how about at PC.



I was in the 50s building with a view of the lake although it wasn’t much looking out at the unfinished Legendary Years. It was right around the corner from the Bowling Pin Pool and a had a quick route to the main building and the food court. I think any building is just as good.


Thanks for putting up this post Busymom, I too have been looking at going to PC for my upcoming visit back to wdw. I’ve stayed at the All stars and was looking for something more, since PC is new and same price thats why I was checking it out.
AFter all these posts about PC, I am getting hyped up to stay there! Although I do wish I could afford a full week at a deluxe, another split trip wont hurt me.
I’m just curious why no slurpee’s in the other resorts? Oh well another mug for my collection when I’m there!


I’m going in September and I can’t wait! DH and I requested the 80’s building…has anyone stayed in the one yet?


Thanks Busymom,
We are going to PC in January and I too was wondering where would be the best place to stay. I have a 14 and 12 year old who love to go to the food court by themselves and fill up their mugs, but I have a 4-year-old who likes things quite when he is sleeping. We were trying to figure out where to stay too. It sounds like the 70’s is the perfect compromise. Thanks to all of you great DC’ers for your advice.


The 80’s building was nice. We have only been there once but we thought it was fun. The parking isn’t so great i will agree.


I have stayed there four times already first time was the 80’s second time 80s and then the 50s and then 60s I think any spot is close and is fine to the food court I just thought the 50s parking lot is the worst though I rather stay in te 80s or 70s or 60s