Who has taken the family magic tour?


I did - a year ago… I am very behind on my scrap book and I am trying to write down the exact stops that you make on the tour. Can anyone help? I know that someone’s trip report had it listed, but that was like a year ago… (my search turned up nothing)
I would appreciate any help that you can give me!
You all really do have the best Disney knowledge out there…


We did the tour last summer and I think this is the order of what we did, I am sorry if I mixed things up a bit.

Met at City Hall

Walked down Main Street to the Walt and Mickey statue

From the hub on Main Street we walked to Tomorrowland to Buzz

We went to the Ball

Then to Cosmic Rays

Took a break

went to the wishing well then to castle to see Cinderella with a crown

we went to Adventureland to see the spitting tiki things

then to Liberty Square to see the Liberty Tree

Then we Met Peter and Wendy

I hope this helps!!


Steph, did you take Nathan on this tour, too? If so, how was he? Was it long?




Thank you so much for this information! I searched through one of your trip reports from last year (and a lot of others), but I couldn’t find it! Thank you for the help!
If anyone else is thinking about doing it, it is GREAT if your child is young (5-7 ish). They still need their sense of imagination and wonder.
My kids are still talking about it- mostly the end… It was well worth the money!!!
The kids felt like they were still on an adventure!


Kim, Nathan did the tour this past summer and loved it. The tour was about 2 hours with a break in the middle, just right for us. We went with another family and the kids ranged in age from 5 to 11 and they all loved it. The 11 year old (normally very shy) was right up front with all the other kids looking at the map and talking to our guide. The end of the tour was so great, we met a couple of characters then went with them to Mickey’s PhilharMagic for a front row seat with no wait. I think your Nathaniel would love the tour.


You’re welcome!!

The tour is awesome for the whole family.


I took my DD last summer when she was 3 and peter pan was and still is her favorite movie. She was young for the group, most were about 6-9. She loved every second of it. And paid her so much attention. She goes on and on about it every chance she sees the movie now or when she looking through the pictures. Well worth the money.


We also did the tour and it was great. My dd had just turned 12 and she loved it! Is the tour always the same? If you need any more info I’ll ask my dd, her memory is better than mine and I neglected to write a trip report.


I was just thinking about looking into this tour. It sounds like a lot of fun! Do you know how far in advance you can make a reservation? We’re going in August and next month I think we can make ADRs. There are 10 of us, so I hope it wouldn’t be a problem to book a tour.


Call right now and ask when you can book the tour, I think it’s more than 90 days out but I really don’t know when you can book tours. We booked it right at 90 days but that was before the 180 days. I read once that tours book earlier than restaurants.


Wow, thanks for the advice, DisneyTeacher! I just called and the CM said I could book now if I wanted to! I’ll be talking to everyone else in our party and hopefully will pick a date asap. I can’t believe we can make a reservation already – so exciting! Thanks again!!


You are welcome! I knew the tours booked early but I wasn’t sure how early. Even if you don’t know the date for sure pick a day and book it so you have it, you can always try to change it later. I am thinking about calling this week and booking it for my family just in case our May trip pans out.


Does this tour start at severl times throughout the day?
Or just once in the morning?


There is only one tour a day, I think it starts at 10 am.


We took the tour in May 2005 and have booked it again for our April 2006 trip. We didn’t do it in Oct 2005 and DS was so disappointed. Here’s a pic of him riding IASW with PP! :slight_smile: