Who has


the best pizza in WDW?

I know it’s one of those things that oozes ‘personal preference’ but I trust you guys. DH wanted me to ask . . .



Hmm… that’s a tough one, but I’d have to say Tony’s Town Square Resturant. The pizza is actually on the kids menu but I always order it anyway! :slight_smile:


I’ve never had pizza at WDW! Well, I’ve had the grilled chicken “flatbread” at Mama Melrose’s (which is fantastic, by the way)…but nothing actually called “pizza.”


I have to vote for the All Star Movies Resort. We have tried the pizza at the AS Music ( I think they deliver for all the AS resorts) and the AS Movies and they are so different!!! The AS Music was so bad…but the AS Movies (from the lobby) has a unique crust and is wonderful!!! I am a self proclaimed pizzaholic and dream about the AS Movies pizza.


The phrase good pizza and WDW are a contradiction in terms!!!


that is one question that I cannot answer… My husband lived in FL once and he refuses to eat pizza there because of the dough. I dont think I have ever tried it personally.


Yikes! It’s that hard to find a good pizza? Even at the resorts?


Yes, I argree, its tough to find good pizza at WDW. I think I will take
a shot at Spoodles Take Out window, which was ok’d by are own MJD!


have to agree we are from the northeast Pa and we have more pizza palors here then i think people . we have the best pizza… i was told the reason florida does not have great pizza is something to do with the humidity. one of the pizza guys we know said that if it is very humid or not humid enough it can wreck the dough. just my 2 cents.


Spoodles flatbread with the tomatoes on it is incredibly delicious!!! I think about it when we are not at WDW, in fact… like now.


At FW you can order pizza to go at Trails End. It’s pretty good. I agree, nothing beats north east pizza. We were from NJ and moved to GA. We haven’t had a decent pizza in many years.


As a Pizza lover i have to say there might not be a good place to eat a good pizza in DW but there is a place in Kissimmee that has the best pizzas ,the owner is from NY and he maried a Latin lady(From Puerto Rico to be exact) and they got together and made the pizzas sort of a mix of Italian/latin spice and let me tell you the lines are long and to order one pie to go you have to call in adv because they are always busy.
Hey they are so good that they started opening 24hrs and still at 3am there is a line LOL.


We had pies delivered to our room last year at POR. They were no [SIZE=“5”]IMO’s [/SIZE](you STL folks know what I mean), but they were very good.


I’ve never had pizza at WDW. Hmmmmmm… got to put that on the to do list! :happy:


ugh…we had WDW delivery at POP and they were the WORST pizzas I’ve EVER had. (You can get Dominoes delivered, we found out later…much better!)

The flatbreads at Spoodles are delicious, so I’d assume their pizzas from the take-out window are pretty good too.


Pizzafari has pretty good pizza. Better than you can get at any of the resorts. In my opinion anyway. :laugh:


Can you give us the name? Pizza would be a great idea for an inexpensive meal at WDW, and we always have a car.


I agree, I’ve never had good pizza at WDW and I think I’m done looking.


Since I am from New York and I haven’t had great things about Pizza at the World, I won’t even ATTEMPT to try it again! I actually had Pizza at Wolfgang Pucks at DTD West Side and WAS NOT IMPRESSED at all!!! There used to be an awesome place in the Crossroads (called Paesano’s), but it’s closed now :crying: . I know a while ago Erin gave us the name of a place in Lake Buena Vista called Giordano’s…I think. Erin, is that it??? If so, where is it located?

THANKS! (or GRACI! :laugh: )


I will NEVER eat pizza in FL unless it comes frozen in a box that I heat up in a microwave. Same with bagels, water, and regular Coke.

It tastes so different from NY’s pizza because the water here is highly filtered and has mass amounts of chlorine in it.