Who is bummed about SOTS not being released?


i just read on ultimatedisney.com that at the shareholders meeting yesterday, Iger said Disney is not going to release “Song of the South” because of the sensitivity of society and the content of the movie. uh, i’m so upset. i never saw this movie and i was hoping they would release it. for me info, go to www.ultimatedisney.com


I suspect that the inevitable bad publicity over such a release outweighs any other considerations.


Aw man! Dissapointment. A new friend of mine has the VHS, so maybe I could watch it with her someday…

She says its not politically incorrect at all, but my mother says it is. I’m inclined to beleive my mom since she uh, kind of lived through all that integration stuff in the 60s and whatnot.

Still kind of sad its not going to be released though. I still feel Iger will be better for Disney in the long run too…


You can pick up a copy for cheap on ebay. It was released overseas or at least thats where the copies come from.


Wow, I didn’t know how common they were… I’ll buy one later!


Kinda funny knowing one of MK’s most popular rides is based on a movie most have never seen huh?


It’s easy to get on ebay. Chastmastr and I have a DVD pirated. I have to say that the fact that they won’t release it has made it seem worth much more as a film than it really is. The animated sequences are great, but the framing story is sappy, overwritten and, yes, racist.


We talk about this A Lot :smile:

You can But a DVD of Song of the South here:

Rent it:

Other thread here:


I think its stupid that Disney wont release it why have a ride based on it when you cant even buy the movie


excuse my ignorance lol… what ride is based on the movie?


Splash Mountain is based on SOTS. The decison (so i hear) was made mostly based on the fact that the movie (as a video, and in theatres) had been in circulation in Europe and Asia, so there is a large audience that HAS seen it. but i think it is still messed up that they put such time and money (although i love the attraction) into an attraction that nobody knows the story of. they say that the decision to remove Mr. Toad was made based on the fact that if you asked a random sample of guests passing by the attraction for either 5 charchters or a rough storyline of “The Adventures of Ichabod Crane and Mr Toad”, no one could do it. so they got rid of it to make way for an attraction that more ppls knew and loved. I would surmise that the same test would fail just outside of Splash. so does that mean that we should tear it down and put up something more “popular” like Winnie the Pooh or Stitch?

Can you guys tell im bitter that SOTS isnt out on DVD, and Mr Toad’s Wild Ride is extinct? i would have to say these are my biggest critiques of the Disney company right now, with respect to the state of the parks.
I also think they should add more countries at EPCOT, but thats a topic for another discussion.

Just a thought though- there are lots of things in the parks that are taken from old Disney films that most folks might not think about: Casey at the Bat, a short, inspired Casey’s Corner, Lady and the Tramp inspired Tony’s restaurant… although with LatT coming out for an anniversary celebratory DVD, more folks are familliar with that one now


If you really want to know the story behind Splash Mountain you could read the “Uncle Remus” books by Joe Harris - that’s what the movie “Song of the South” was based on in the first place. The books are still widely available. I’m not really sure what Mr. Toad and Ichabod Crane have in common. They come from two separate books. Mr. Toad from “Wind in the Willows” and Ichabod Crane from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.


I love SOTS. I bought a pirated DVD online a year or 2 ago, then had a VHS tpe of it droped in my lap last summer. It is the ONLY pirated material in my collection, lol.


Very sad, I wonder if, in the name of policitcal correctness, in the future, no reprints of Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer will be made?


Good Point, Dopey.

Is it TRULY racist? I haven’t seen the film, so I really can’t comment. I remember the books, but as a child, I wasn’t looking for racial tones, I was just reading a book.


Nothing at all in common – but they were released as one film, basically two longish short subjects. I think each was too long to be a short, but too short to be full-length.



if it helps, when I got them, they came on the same VHS - not as seperate films.

and it was sold as “Mr. Toad and Ichabod Crane” or something like that. I think that’s where he gets the two lumped together…

I always lump them together, too…

Not because they are from the same movie, but because they come on the same VHS.


Yes they were. It was called “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” :smile:


Right - that’s what I have. It’s two seperate movies on the same tape.

Pretty cute stuff.

thanks, R2G :c)


haha those seem a funny pair to lump together in a VHS.
As for SOTS I think anything that has any slight posibility of being racist or hurting people who’s ancestors were hurt so badly should not be released. It is too bad for the cute story of that movie but oh well, anything that is going to push back any progress we’re trying to make with recism should just be put to bed.
But the music in SOTS is SOOOO amazing, they should bring out a soundtrack:smile: