Who is disneyauctionears on ebay?


Does anyone know who “disneyauctionears” is on ebay? They seem to have access to alot of Limited Edition Disney items. The products look like official Disney items. And now, they are selling pins that say Disney Auctions on them. I bought pins somewhere recently and there was one of these pins in the group. IT said something like Disneyauctions.com on the front or back, I can’t remember. What do you think of these pins that are from Disneyauctions. Do you think they are tradable? Collectable? (Of course anything is collectable, but for value, do you think they will grow in value like Disney pins sold at the parks?
Here is a link to a LE pin collecting bag. THey have 40 of them!!


Any opinions appreciated!


They are officially Disney. It’s a Division exclusive for selling specialty items or discontinued items through Ebay.


Interesting that they keep their feedback private and have so many negatives and neutrals!


Well, 97% positive isn’t bad. I’ve bought from them before with no problems. With the amount of sales they are doing, they do have a good share of negative feedback though. It would be nice to see why they are being left - possibly longer ship times since they are a company? Still, I would buy from them again if I saw something I liked. When I bought last their feedback was viewable and they ran a promotion to get free tickets to a movie. That has been some time back though.


I have purchased a ton of things from them over the years
and have never had any problem.


i recently bought a tram car advertisement (you know the ones that slip in the sides of the tram). it came in excellent condition. my brother buys lots of stitch stuff as well. they have a great thing going there. i want a space mountain car!


I have purchased lots of items from them with no problems at all. Their shipping is usually fast and I have never been disappointed.


I understand that due to the large volume that they are selling daily that they would get negatives. And their percentage is high, however, I don’t understand why they have to keep their feedback private. I am leary of that.


Most large companies like that keep their feedback private. Don’t be leary at all. Now, if it was some guy who keeps their stuff private, and only has 2 feedbacks, then I would be leary. I have purched at least 10 items from them, probably more. No problems, the stuff comes over packed. I wish their shipping on some stuff was less, but I can’t complain. I even attached an image for you of a Disneyland parkinglot sign I bought from them.


Mickey! You found my car!!