Who is doing the less than 5 months dance?


Ok…pretty lame…

5 months from today I will be married, have a new last name…and RIGHT ABOUT NOW…I’ll be pulling up to Disney World!!! :wub: :wub: :tongue: :tongue: :wub: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
SO who else is less than 5 month dancing??


Well Bella, my plans are certainly not as exciting as yours!

I’m going to DLR in less than two months and then again in five months!


That’s so exciting, Bella!! I can’t wait for your wedding and your Disney honeymoon.

I’m just over 2 weeks from our surprise trip. My son has NO clue we are going to WDW for his birthday. Just yesterday he told me he wants a Disney birthday–LOL. He has no clue how Disney-ish his birthday is going to be.


I’m going in just about exactly 5 months–that’ll be our big, 10-day trip and not one of these weekends we’ve been doing.


Less than two months for me!! I can’t wait!


About 5 weeks for me!!! Whoo hoo!!!


I’m not but I am excited for your plans Bella!
Have we had a wedding update lately?


Bella, that is so exciting! I was wondering though, did I miss it? Are you and The Dave no longer moving to Florida??


Thirty three
Third T three


I am doing the 7 month dance…and doing it well! Christmas at Disney!

I have been to Disney twice during Halloween and wanted to see if Christmas can get any better!


We are finally under 130… that is a good sign… DD and I are getting more excited every day… DH says that we are doing so much research and talking about DISNEY so much that we won’t enjoy ourself in September… “YEAH SURE!” he’s right… NOT!


I’m excited too, 60 days from today!!!


The cool thing is you will have enjoyed it 130 days PLUS the actual days there!


Boss that is such a true statement…
Since I haven’t been to WDW in 10 years so much must have changed.
I found my maps from 1996, was thinking of taking them with me to compare…


42 Days !!!


My 7 year old is SO Excited.



I stole someones idea and began to put a binder together 9 months ago. (Remember I have 5 teenagers) So everyone started with the jokes and everything. Except they all kept looking at it as it was updated and I changed pictures from past trips.

As I explained to DS last night - the fact you made fun of it means you read it.
And so they all talked about it (the book and subsequently the trip).

So I extended this upcoming trip over a long time.

Now - “I’m too excited to sleep.”


I can finally be included in one of these “how many days” threads!!! I started our countdown clock on here with over 1500 days.


We have 9 weeks and 3 days! But who is counting? :whistling :whistling :whistling :whistling


I am not at the 5 months mark, but I am close. I am so excited for you and the Dave.


67 days! I’m so excited. I have so much to get ready before then though, so it’s good I have some time. My hubby thinks it’s kinda funny that I plan so far in advance. Oh well, that just means a better trip! :wub: