Who is doing the triple digit dance?


I seen threads on single or double digits, how about the other poor souls (like me) that are still in the triple digits? I just passed a milestone however. I am under 300 days now, lol!!!


With two titanium hips, it is more like the triple digit shuffle… but I broke 200!


We are doing the double and the triple digit dance!


HEY! no double dipping …


I am back doing the triple digit dance, I just got back from WDW on 11/16 :sad:


Set your counter girl.

I am doing that wonderful dance. I think I am about 360 days out. I cannot remember and have to take a look at my post :biggrin:


Triple digits… it seems so far away… I’m plotting to fit in another trip sooner!

  • raises hand* :crying: :crying:


I’m a triple dancer :crying: …I’m looking at 560 (or so) days!


But…The next time I go, it’ll be for 2 weeks, and it’ll be my new baby’s first official trip to the world :happy: (we were there while I was pregnant in January)!!


Congratulations to your new baby,Tink. Did I miss it or was there no announcement?


I’m a triple-digit dancer, with the earliest possible dates being early April. If not April, it could be May of 2007 :sad:


So the days don’t seem so far away - we are saying…
67 days till Disney
10 more weeks
5 more paychecks till Disney
3 more holidays
2 more haircuts
1 more trip to Disney store to buy Disney $$$
and hundred’s of more visits to this website to get tips on what to do for a great magical vacation!!!


Thank you so much!
No, you didn’t miss it…I didn’t put up an official announcement. In fact, this was my first post since he was born! I have been so darn busy!!


I am going to start a thread for that occassion Tink, come over there and tell us all about it. :wub:


Congrats Tink and great luck wishes. I hope your first family trip is cool.


Congrats Tink- the joy of a new baby!!! I have my dates circled that I receive get paid, have figured out how much I have to save each paycheck. I am going to Hawaii the last week of March with my momma so that kind of breaks things up for me.


Hawaii! You lucky dog!


We are staying in Honolulu near Waikiki Beach. My mom’s brother was in the navy during the Pearl Harbor attacks and is buried over there at the Punchbowl cemetery. She has never been there so I am going to take her next spring. I can just imagine the weather change. In the end of March here in Buffalo it is still snowing. We board the plane fly south to Atlanta (getting warmer already) then on the Honolulu where the average temp is 80 degrees in March on the island of Oahu. The airfare is ridiculously high and it is more expensive then our hotel stay. I have something planned for daytime and nightfall for each day of our trip, it will be exciting.


Waikiki? I love Waikiki!

Ok, I’ve never been to Waikiki - I just like saying Waikiki. It tickles.

Oahu is fun, too.


Bumping this up!!!