Who is going to WDW in May?


Just curious what everyone’s thought is… will it be more crowded than ever???


Our trip is for a different reason – our tenth anniversary – but we’re happy to take part in the celebration (and hope that the crowds won’t be too bad).

Not to be cynical, but, umm, doesn’t Disney cook up a reason for a special occasion every year :whistling:? …not that I’m complaining :biggrin:



We’re going the last week of May…had it planned even before the hoop-la with the celebration started. I’m glad we will get to experience it…it’s like frosting on the cake!


I’m going the 2nd week of May, but only because it’s the only time me and my friends can all get together. Also my one friend really wants to see the Flower & Garden festival at Epcot. :slight_smile:


This is our 4th time in a row going in May!!! Love the hot weather and lower crowd levels.


Since we already had a trip scheduled for December, we will be waiting and going then.


I go every May for Memorial Day weekend…but I still think that this trip will be extra special!


We had our trip planned for the first week in May (4-11) before I even knew about the celebration. I’m not too worried about the crowds and we’re looking forward to our first family vacation with just the three of us (DH’s family went with us in October)…Can’t wait!!!


Scheduled May 4 to 12 just to be there for the Celebration! Joe


We were planning on going May 2006 and pushed it up a year, just because! Did not know the celebration was going to kick off that month, but are now very excited.

We are going 5/10-5/21.


We are going in May too. I don’t think it will be too bad, I am just too excited to care if it is crowded! I will guess that it won’t be tho b/c I called yesterday to see if I could add an extra day and the CM had no problm getting it for me with the AP discount.


We can’t go until december , but we would if we could!


I can’t wait to go in May and try out all the new stuff!!!