Who Is Going To Who What For MNSSHP!


Amanda (Nikki) is going to be Bambi.
HollyLynne will be Cheshire Cat.

MNSSHP 9/22/2006


i will be a superhero like the incredibles.


Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll be working the MNSSHP, but JUST IN CASE I’M NOT…and don’t copy me, I’ll be going as Tron.


You’re on top of it, we haven’t really decided yet.

DD will most likely be Cinderella (it’s DD’s 5th birthday on our MNSSHP date and having dinner at 1900PF).

DS3 may be a fireman.

I’m just thrilled that DH is going, lol, I don’t think he will dress up.

I am not sure about myself.


I won’t tell anyone if you keep us posted on whether or not you will be work for MNSSHP… if you are working would love to say HI!


DD will be either Aurora or Ariel (if she ever makes up her mind)

and DH and I will probably just wear halloween shirts…


DS wants to be a power ranger (again – this will make the 3rd year in a row! – we did buy different costumes, so he wasn’t the SAME power ranger…ugh…) I’m still hoping he changes his mind. I’d love for him to be a prince and my little niece be one of the princesses…but I don’t think he’s going to go for it.

As for the rest of us (DH, my mom, my dad, sister, BIL and me) we’ll probably just wear halloween shirts. (and that’s even stretching it…my dad will wear whatever he wants to…we’re just glad he agreed to go!!)


WE’re gonna wear “I’m with Minnie” shirts, and Miss Caisley will be Minnie.

I think.

Unless Sissy decides she wants to dress up.


I’m going to be hot.

No, seriously.

My plan right now, if I can pull it together, is Jedi Mickey (but it’s surprisingly hard to find an adult-size Mickey costume, even though there are adult-size Minnie costumes). A Jedi robe is probably not the most practical, or breathable gear for Florida, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.


that WILL be hot!

and cool!


I’m thinking of dressing my whole extended gang as pirates. How lame is that? The thing is, a pirate theme is (1) cheap (2) able to adapt to all sizes and ages (3) gives us a unified look (4) allows for plenty of appropriate rowdiness - ARRRRR!


I think that’s cute! (and I’m kinda hoping that after DS’s pirate birthday party that he may want to change from a power ranger to a pirate!)


I am going as Dana the Dc moderator. MY DD and her GF are going as pain in the neck kids wearing a halloween t-shirt…they are to cool for school and are not wearing a costume. I am not wearing one because, I just like to be difficult.


LOL!! Dana! “I just like to be difficult”

Me, too!! :ninja:


I’m going as Belle… Baloo will be Gaston! :slight_smile:


Well there will be five of us - four adults and one child. I came up with what I thought were some pretty neat ideas and as we get closer, no one wants to dress up, adults that is so… t-shirts it is. I am not sure what the baby will be. She just turned three this past weekend and it is a little early yet to decide. Today she loves Ariel the day before that it was JoJo and tomorrow it will be someone else.


My adults didn’t want to dress up either so I just lied to 'em. I told them if they went out of costume they’d look like clothed people at a nudist colony.

Ha! As the only one in our group that knows the difference between Fantasmic and PhailharMagic (and why both are must-dos) I have their blind trust.

“Is Tower of Terror Scary?”
“If I say ‘yes’ will you still ride it?”
“It’s a piece of cake”


umm what is mnsshp


Welcome to DC, and you’re HALARIOUS! I like you!


Hey, Jell - Welcome to DC, too!!! It’s great to have all these new people!

MNSSHP is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

It’s an event held at the Magic Kingdom in late Sept and October - FUN FUN FUN!