Who is Sonny Eclipse?


I know that he is at the restaurant in Tomorrowland, and that he sings… but where is he from and what is his history???


Sonny eclipse is an “out of this world” guy who sings at cosmic ray’s in tomorrow land. It is a animatronic alien of sorts…kinda corney and cool at the same time. Cosmic rays is a must do for us every trip.


Why Sonny is WAY COOL!:cool: The Rat Pack should have been as cool as Sonny. He’s the Michael Buble of Tomorrowland.

(Actually, he’s an out-of-this-world alien animatronic who couldn’t get a break in Las Vegas). We always try to get a seat close to Sonny.


Here is Sonny!!! I don’t know TOO much information about him but I do know that when you are sitting in that part of the dining room it can be REALLY LOUD!!! He’s a pretty cool guy though! :happy:

I took this during our November trip, it was actually Thanksgiving morning & we rushed out without eating breakfast. We stopped in to see if they served any breakfast items there, no luck! Went to Main St. for a snack.


Um…he sort of gives me a headache:pinch: :blush:


where is he in cosmic rays. DH and ate there in september and didnt see him?


Unless he was under refurb or “taking a break” it’s hard to imagine you’d miss him. :huh: He is located at the front of Cosmic Rays CLOSEST to the teacups, on a big stage.


He’s right in front of the lower dining area, you really can’t miss him. He may have been there but not working right then.


I have always wondered about that myself. Where does he come from what does he mean to the parks. I googled him, but cannot find anything at all. :pinch:


we were there for the halloween parade thing. september 14. maybe we were on the wrong side.


OK, I went and posted that question on the new Disney Moms panel. Let’s see what they know :biggrin:


I always loved how his little feet dangled! :laugh: :heart:

Here is some video:
Disney World - SONNY ECLIPSE - Full Show - AOL Video


Great idea!!


Just got an acknowledgment from Disney. They advised me that they may or may not answer my question, due to high volume of inquiries.

Yet, the questions on their home page have not changed since day one. We’ll see if anyone knows something :closedeye


That’s seems strange that the questions haven’t changed, I would have thought they would be updated more often. I hope it isn’t one of those once a month things, that’s not often enough.


he definately was not there when we were> :frown:


I don’t think he moves…


He’s always there, faerie dust, he’s too big to move :wink:
He is somewhat “out in left field”. It took me a moment to find him myself.


Look here:

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I know the song, and everything…but what tie in does he have to Disney? maybe some obscure cartoon??? Just trying to figure out the connection. I wish he weren’t like the “chuck e. cheese” characters… Disney can do better!