Who is the biggest scaredy cat?


Right…help me solve an ongoing argument between DH and me. I say Summit Plummit at BB is the most pant wettingly scary attraction I have ever known and he says no way and that it ToT!
He cant stand ToT but loves SP and i am the opposite…
I said I would get a poll going with you guys to finally end the dispute! :laugh:


Can I vote both?? I have been on TOT but will not anymore. I WILL NOT go on Summit plummit so I guess that answered your question. Summit plummit.


Well, on a bet I rode ToT for $50… I wouldn’t do Summit Plummet for $50, so for me, Summet Plummet is much scarier!


I have been on TOT, and think it is okay. But there is absolutely NO WAY I would go on Summit Plummit!!!


ToT :laugh:
Summit Plummit :eek:


ToT I did once (when it was a one drop only) Summit Plummet- Oh my gosh, I scream watching from the ground!


I love that I am winning! Paul on the other hand just pulled a face when I told him! I wish he would just learn that I will ALWAYS be right! lol.
Keep the answers coming…:happy:


Hello, ToT has a SEAT BELT. You’re strapped down. No biggie.


I personally won’t ever do either one. They’re both toooo scary! But, if I was forced to choose one, I’d to ToT. NOTHING could get me on Summit Plummit!


Personally, I LOVE both.:laugh:


The “scariest” thing about Summit Plummit is the atomic super wedgie you get at the end of the slide in water that is only about a foot deep.


Summit Plummit. Every time I go over the edge I feel like I’m going to slide out the edge of the slide.


SUMMIT PLUMMET!!! I really like ToT, but there is no way I will ever get on Summit Plummet!!


Exactly! I am a huge coaster and scary ride fan but that type waterslide = NO GOOD! :laugh:
I felt like I was flying out of it! I uncrossed my arms b/c I thought I had to grab the side! LOL! Terrible…just terrible.


You took the words right out of my mouth!! Ditto for me!!


ME!!! because I won’t do either :laugh:


LMBO…I’m with this!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


Summit Plummit is the worst. I can feel the horrendous wedgie just thinking about it. I LOVE ToT.


I have to say both… Im a big scaredy cat:eek:


I love both of them. They really do not scare me that much. I have only done the summit plummet once and would like to try again.