Who knows about hotel reservations


OK, we are booked in a moderate resort… As a surprise, my husband said that we could upgrade our hotel to a deluxe… (doing the jump through the roof dance)
This is great, but I wish that he had told me last week… THERE IS NO AVAILABILITY for any deluxe rooms. (He called last week and there were rooms)
I know that I can call back to check for availability- when should I check back??? I have called twice today, with no luck. Should I wait until just right before the 45 days out day??? I have too much to do between no and then to be connected to the phone!

Ok, I also admit that I should have used mouseketrips! (My stubborn independent self made a huge mistake this time)…

Any advise???


hmmm I’m not very versed in the WDW resorts but if it were me, I would just keep calling back and/or checking online all the time. There is no way they could be COMPLEATLY booked up. I think sometimes hotels keep a reserve of some rooms…maybe to open up later. Hopefully other DCers have better advise…good luck!


The best thing you can do at this point is call every morning to see if anything has opened up. There’s still a chance you can get one, but a single call 45 days out is a long shot.


Thank you for your help.
Cavey, I know that only one call wull do me no good, I was just wondering if there was something magical about that 45 day mark in relation to cancellations…
Sorry if I am not making sense… The excitement has really affected my ability to think clearly! :wink:


OK, this happened to my Grandmother seceral years ago and we pretty much called every morning and inquired about cancellations. I remember back in the day they DID HAVE a cancellation list but that may have been just for Fort Wilderness.

If I was you I would keep my “moderate” reservation and just keep calling whenever you remember to. Keep trying, chances are you’ll find something!!! Plus, with all of us behind you with plenty of Pixie Dust… it WILL happen.

Be persistent!


I had a similar problem trying to book a RV spot at FW. What I found is people and or Travel agents will book as soon as possible then if there are no takers on the dates they let them go. So what I did was check for room availabilities online every day and I finally got what I wanted. Then when you see there is an opening you can call to change your reservation. Checking online is so much faster and easier than calling.

Here is a link for the Deluxe Resorts page: Just enter your dates in the lower left hand side.


Maybe you could still try booking in through Mouseketrips???


We had a similar problem a few years back. We wanted to add a night to our trip but there were NO moderate rooms for that night in any moderate resort. I called back every morning for a week or so and got lucky and added a night at the resort we had booked. Good luck!!


I would try and rebook the trip through a travel agency like suggested. They sometimes alot rooms for travel agencies and you may get lucky. with a cancellation and a rebook, I would prefer a professional to handle it anyway so no mistakes are made. Defiantely give mouseketrips a call and see what they can do for you. You can find their link on the home page here and get their contact information that way. Good luck and let us know how you make out. I’m crossing fingers for you.


I’ve sent a message to mouseketrips (hopefully they got it). Since it is free and I have heard so many good things. I thought, why not??? I will let you know… I am thinking that it will be crazy and crowded while we are there!!! Oh the dilemma!!!


Oh I hope it works out for you. Is there a particular deluxe that you are interested in?


at this point… I am not that picky… I just hope that I get one… We will see!


i’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya !!


try to get in touch with disney guest sevices and by the way when are you going…I have had luck with guest services and they seem to be back to to their great customer relations level which a while back seem to have been lost.


Great advice!! I just wanted to add my vote in calling back every morning or 3 times a day :biggrin:


I think that I am going to live with the phone attached to my hip!!!


hehe! that would work too :tongue:


Hanwill, give me your dates again, and I will double check for you. Any preferred deluxe? Do you have a package already or a room only reservation?