Who knows what this is all about?


Do you know the secret about this photo? I dare you to keep quiet! C’mon I DARE YOU!

Don’t spoil it for everyone!

No! Step away from the keyboard! :laugh:


I know what that’s all about. :laugh:


:laugh: Been there, done that!


Somebody needed ketchup? :laugh:


Thank you for the ketchup. Can I get a refill of my coke?:laugh:


lol! That’s hysterical! I remember that!


I have no idea WHERE this is much less what it’s about…I can only imagine that it has something funny to do with a CM? :confused:


Could it be they ran out of money and planned on eating ketchup for lunch?


What is this all about??? I’m dying to know!!!


Sorry folks… I’m not telling!


Nor me! I read this earlier this afternoon and didn’t ‘get it’- so I thought I’d check back later and see if there were any more clues or answers- I am so relieved I am not the only one:laugh::laugh::laugh:


Really? Do people not know? Only been here once?


The is is a really cruel thing to do to people, who don’t know what it’s about:happy:. BTW - could I have the ketchup?


Yee- haw! Here it is!


I don’t know where this is…it could be in Outer Mongolia for all I know :smile:

…and if I have ever eaten at this place I sure didn’t have ketchup bottles on my table…

So…if there are no hints…I got nuttin…


??? :blush: Is this suppose to help me


Ohhh I know, lol.


Awwww nope- nothing here either:crying::crying::crying:


I know, I know … sister …sister sisersisersisersisersiser.


Well, I’ve read about it, we had an ADR there on our last trip but I ended up canceling it. So it is still on my list…