Who loves stitch


i just found a cool download that you adopt your own stitch and it climbs your screen and it plays around and has alot of fun. and i love stitch. so i had to come here and tell you all about it


Wheres the link? My wife loves Stitch.


.: Stitch at DLRP, the new Disneyland game :.


click on the link i downloaded it and it is so cute. for those that love stitch. it is free and very cool


Thanks, She will be surprised


np as i am typing i have stitch going all over the screen. let me know if she likes.


I had him for a while… they came out with that download when they introduced Stitch’s Great Escape to MK. When I’d leave my computer on, he’d yell and scream and make crazy noises. My mom was freaked. My dad found him annoying and deleted him. :glare:

I miss Stitch!


when you are away just tell him to go to his room and then bring him back when ready


That was first introduced before the movie came out. I remember trying it out myself. It drove me bananas and I had to get rid of it. :laugh:


well when i dont want him out i just click on him and send him to his room. and all there is a door on the right. when i want to have him around i then click on it to bring him back


i cant do it for some reason the whole page isn’t loading. i only can schrol down to my address. im so upset.


it took my aunt a few times to do it. if that doesnt work then type in disney in paris. the link is on the left side where it says my stitch.


I’m going to download it and see how it goes

My 21 month old DD is laughing hysterically at him! She loves it!


Love it! Stitch just licked my computer screen…Ick!! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! He is so cute, I am having the best time with him. He just scratched his back-side and is currently sliding down my screen. He is too much fun.


everyone that said thanks…you are so welcome. i have come into this site and have been greeted with warmth, and compassion. So i figured i would give back. to those who found it already. i didnt know how long it was out there, i just figured i would share because i love it. thanks, to all that have helped, talked, or just being friendly to me. i really appreciated it all.


Today is DD’s birthday and Stitch knew, he had a present and said Happy Birthday with her name. How did he know that? Do you think it has to do with my registering her b-day on the WDW site?


that is cool…i would believe so …so happy for ya


Thanks, it was cool and DD was super excited.