"Who needs kids?" Disney article


This article was featured on MSN today and I thought it would be of interest to many here on DC.

(It’s short, don’t worry) :tongue:

  • It talks about Everest, “10 tips for a Disney Visit.” enjoying Disney as adults without children, etc…




Thanks for the article!

We are all adults in my family now and all of us still enjoy going to Disneyland together (especially the wine in CA!).


Wish, why do you hate kids? They are so wonderful!


Wish, I just came on here to post it!!! It was on the front page of MSN. I think I have read the article before. But it was great, wasn’t it???


HATE KIDS? I LOVE children! I see 275 of them on a weekly basis and love every single one of them :heart: I just thought it was a helpful article for those of us adults that do not travel with children. A lot of the response when people find out DH and I frequent WDW a lot is “you guys go alone?”

The name of the article was “Who needs kids at Walt Disney World” on the MSN headline page, that’s why that quote was in my title.


I completely understand! DH and I have discussed if there’s a way we could possibly get away with only bringing DS every other time we go! :laugh:


I try to ditch the kids about every other time we go :redface: I don’t tell them where we are going, but DS allways seems to know any way :pinch:


I don’t think I could ever go by myself, but I could definitely go with just Matt, and have a BLAST!


I don’t have kids, but my favorite place to go is of course WDW. Some of the best times of my life has been with my best friend at Disney, us having fun, without kids. If I ever do have children I will take them to WDW as much as I can!!! A lot of people don’t know how fun Disney is for adults without children.


Our next trip we are leaving the Kids at home ( ok they are of too spain with there grandparents! ). I think going to WDW without kids is great!


That was a cute article! I love being an adult at Disney without kids!


It’s actually pretty good by yourself. With conventions there, even if my (grown) kids are there they are long gone by the time I’m ready to hit the parks. Get to go where I want to and do what I want to. Wouldn’t want to ALL of the time but it’s sort of nice for a change.

I love to people watch and I’m always on the lookout for Make-A-Wish families while I’m down there. I have a blast.

Even rented a boat by myself one afternoon and chased the ferry boats around the lake! :pirate:


I saw a Make-A-Wish family there in late Feb, and thought of you, Carmy. (That’s my new name for you)

The little boy was SO excited - he had JUST got off Space Mountain - it was really sweet.

Anyway, the boat thing sounds SO fun!!! I just don’t have the guts…I’d feel SO guilty - but, my children are small…

maybe one of these days I’ll go by myself…but, if I did, I’d spend all day on my phone! I’m terrible at being by myself!


Not to thread jack, but it is amazing to see first hand what this does for the kids. I spoke to a Kiwanis group the other day and shared a story about one very sick little guy I put on a plane to see the mouse.

Really bad case of cerebral palsey with his poor little body already confined to a wheelchair. The only expression that I got from him was when I told him I had a special favor I needed him to do for me. I told him to thank Mickey for asking me to meet them at the airport. (I’m Mickey’s airport buddy Richard!)

I always tell the little ones that I got an email from Mickey Mouse himself, and he asked would I meet them at the airport and help them get on the plane. And that Mickey and Minnie and the WHOLE gang is so excited that their special pal is coming to see them.

This little guy just lit up like a Christmas tree.

And THAT’s the special magic that the guys and gals like Rowdie bring to life, and that’s why we love Disney 6 or 96!


WHat does “we love Disney 6 or 96” mean?

What do you do for Make-A-Wish, exactly???


I thought that was a lovely article.

We started going to WDW when our kids were little and cute and everything mommy and daddy did was wonderful, when they were teens and everything was “lame” and they were embarrassed to be seen with us (except at WDW) and now that they’re adults. And every trip was memorable in some way (especially the teen ones. :dry: ) But my dh and I love to go alone now, too. We enjoy every minute by ourselves - and I loved going with my dd this winter. I don’t think it matters whether you have kids or not - loving Disney is an ageless thing.


[SIZE=2]If ya can’t embarrass the kids…WHY HAVE 'EM?!?[/SIZE] :wink:


Heehee! Carmy! I’m gonna call him that too! :happy:


Oh Wish, I was just teasing you! I’m sure one day you’ll have many little rug rats! :tongue:


Very true - and let me assure you, I embarrassed them at every possible opportunity. :wink: