Who Wants to be a Millionaire building


I know in January there was lots of work going on in for the new attraction. Has there been an official announcement of what this will be and when it is expected to open. I know we have discussed it before but is there anything new or official out there?


Is that where the new Toy Story Mania is going to be?


It sure is. On both sides of the building on Mickey Ave (soon to be Pixar Ave) there are giant walls with Toy Story paintings all over them. The building itself is really starting to take shape on the outside. They’re already getting the bricks on the outside laid. Can’t wait for next summer to get here for this extremely highly advanced awesome ride/game!


I’m looking forward to it. That’s the best thing about WDW, no matter how many times I go, there’s always something new to see or do. :smile:


Rowdy - you do have one of the best jobs as you get to see and or ride on anything new 1st.


Rowdy- Will it be like Buzz??


I believe it will be an even better Buzz type ride, I cant wait.


I want to work with Rowdy!! :smile:


When is it slated to open? I hope it will be open in Sept. We missed the Laugh Floor when we were there last January.


Palmickey is right. It’ll be better than Buzz, and way better than MIB over at Universal. If you’ve been to Islands of Adventure, think of the ride being like Spider-Man, and the game being like Buzz. Put them together and that’s what TSM will be!

Well, if you mean Sept. ‘08 you’ll be OK. It’ set to open by either March or May. It’d be nice for it to open the same day that Block Party opens at the Disney Hollywood Studios.


Yes, I do mean Sept. '08. What is Block Party? And when does the name officially change to Disney Hollywood Studios?


It becomes Disney Hollywood Studios January 2008. Atleast that is what I heard!


Block Party is the new parade I believe. I can’t wait for all these new changes. We go next Sept. also. I love that there is plenty to look forward too.

Disney Studios has needed some updates for a while. I think all of these new attractions will help a lot.


Oh okay thats sounds great!!


Wow, all this news is so exciting! I just :heart: WDW!! :happy:


They are changing the name of MGM?


You got it. New name. New parade (well, for WDW it’s new). New “lands.” New attactions. Starting January of '08, it’ll all be…new!


Now, I have to go back in '08. Dang It!!! Are any of the changes in effect now?


So Millionaire is no longer? I actually really liked that attraction. And of course I will be there RIGHT before everything is set to open. =(


I found this site that gave an over view of some of the changes that will be taking place at MGM.

MGM Studios Name Change