Who Wants to be a Millionaire Closing


Unfortuntely WWTBAM at California Adventure has recieved the Ax. Its last day will be August 20th. Unfortunately this means that the Hollywood area of the park now has two sitting but not operating rides (this and Super Star Limo). There are no plans as of yet (or, plans that we know of) to put anything else in its place.


Bummer! Do you know why? We’ll have to go before the 20th.


No one really knows why, but the main speculation is that Disney no longer airs the show (or something along those lines) or that it was just the victim of budget cuts.


Why would they do this? It was always a favorite of my family!!!


Bummer…I liked that attraction. Well would you guys like to hear what I have heard what the space of the two buildings might be used for? WELL…Im not sure if it is true but I have heard from people that the buildings that used to house those two rides were going to be joined into one and used for a new ride similar to Rocki’n Roller Coaster. That would be awsome if something like that was built. Is it true? Im not sure but that would be awsome if that is true and if it were going to happen! :slight_smile:


I have heard it will be closed in the near future at WDW as well. No dates have been announced that I have heard, I think the show is much less popular now as well.


^^ Thats a rumor thats been flying around the internet for a while. I personally believe it’s eventually going to happen.


That would cool if it were to happen, Im sure it wouldnt be anywhere near as good as WDW’s but it would still be awsome for that to be built in place of the 2 old closed rides! :-)…Hey quakers…which parks are you going to and where are you staying at? Im just a bit curious. :slight_smile:


^ Eh, since they would ahve to change the layout a bit for it to fit in the old place of SSL and WWTBAM, they could possibly come up with a better layout than Disneyworlds!

Im staying at the Coronado and going to every themepark and waterpark.


I hope it stays open at WDW for awhile, over the past few trips, I’ve either missed it or skipped it and I have never been to it.


As long as it’s open through the end of this year at WDW I’ll be happy! I enjoy it and it’s a huge thing at SSW and for the different events WDW holds!


I cannot believe this our family loves it!!! They even have aired shows from the WDW site before!!! I am sad!!! :sad: I hope they replace it with something good and don’t just let it sit empty!!! Like the limo ride!!!


I sure hope it stays open at WDW, we love going to this, you can get out of the heat and relax for a little while. And at the same time enjoy playing WWTBAM.


well yes the Super Star Limo ride building may be empty but it is gonna be eventually be replaced with a new ride and the WWTBAM building is supposed to be joined with the limo ride building so a new big ride can be put in. And as for quackers…That will be a real nice hotel to stay in, so Ive heard. Have agreat time in WDW! :slight_smile:


Bummer! In June at CA I actually got in the hot seat for the first time ever! It was great! I hope they don’t close it at WDW. It always seems to have a nearly full audience, and I don’t go during the busy season.


When we were there in May WWTBAM was only open like 1 day. So we didn’t get to see it there. But it would be strange that it is so NOT popular there when you really need a fastpass to do it in WDW! :wacko: I’m wondering if it’s closing just 'cause they have other ideas for the combined spaces.


I think that is also true, about them closing DCA’s WWTBAM. I think they needed and wanted the space for a newer better ride. Their supposed to be combinding Super Star Limo’s building with the WWTBAM building to build a similar ride to Rockin Roller Coaster, but Im not TOO TOO sure if its true, but from what I have heard it is, when will it happen if it does? Im not to sure. But I have also heard they might be closing WDW’s in the future…I HIGHLY doubt it will happen with how famous and crowded theirs always is, but it is a possibility. But like I said I dont think its going to be happening anytime soon. :slight_smile:


We have always had a full audience at both parks!!! I really like it!!!


thats awsome…Well I hope they dont close it, I like it and that just gives my family and I another reason to go to WDW more often! :slight_smile: :wink:


To Bad about the WWTBAM our family really enjoys it.