Who wants to join me!


I am doing…

:laugh: :wacko: :laugh: :wacko: :laugh: :wacko: :laugh: :wacko:


:blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink:


YAY for you!!! I wish I could join you…but my feet are silenced by jealousy…Hee hee! Just kidding:) No…I’m :nonono2: not…


me too…hmph! lol kidding ron. Congrats on your single digit dance. Have a great time!


Yay!! I wanna go!!


Good for you! :cool:


Congrats! Your single digit dance makes my 36 days seem like forever. I am tapping for you!!


Wish I could!


Can I dance just to PAR-TAY? :laugh:


Me Me I want to join!


I’ll dance…We leave in 6 days!!!


Yay for you Ron! Your trip snuck up on me! I’ll bet your girls are way excited, too! Just think…in a few short days you’ll be hangin’ with the mouse! I’m so excited for you!!!


Congratulations, Ron!! You are going to have an awesome trip.


Well, I ain’t goin’ nowhere, but I’ll dance with ya!


OMG Cavey! That is the most awesome thing I’ve EVER seen!

Back to the subject, I would love to dance with ya, but I’m still in double digits and I’m too jealous to join in! J/K, yay for you!!!


Um, did ya see my countdown? :dry:


YAY MICKEYRON!!! Dance the night away!!! Actually, dance the next 8 days away!!! They will FLY by!! Have a great trip!!!


Ditto on the OMG :eek: Cavey thats amazing!!! Kinda makes ya think how much time does he have on his hands!!

Now, I can’t dance with ya yet, but can I watch??? :tongue:

Have a magical vacation, MickeyRon!!!


I’m kinda feelin’ sorry for you right now. :huh:


GO! GO! GO! GO! (did I say go?) GO! HAVE A BLAST!


Ron, I am soooo jealous!!! :biggrin: <— that’s me, GREEN with envy!!!

But I leave in 24 days to go to Atlantis, Paradise Island…so I’m not THAT jealous!!!

HAVE A BLAST, RON!!! :wink: