Who Wants to Meet 11/30 thru 12/4?


There are loads of group meets planned this week and the next. Is there anyone from here in DC going to be there that would like to meet up?


I want to meet! I want to meet!

Oh…wait…I’d have to be at WDW next week. :sad:


Too bad…I might have actually preofessed to knowing you in public.

And we all know that doesn’t happen very often.


I just read over in chitchat that you & Erin will be over at Mousefest on Saturday. I would love to try to meet up with you guys there. I can’t promise since I have my family with me, but I will do my best to get there!


NO WAY!!! I’d be SOOO excited to ge to meet both of you! Oh, do try your best to make it LMS! Even if you have to drag them with you, you’ll get a kick out of Mousefest anyway. We’ll get someone to take a pic of all three of us together. :wub:


The feeling is truly mutual! I would just flip if I got to meet you guys. Also, you know, I must stalk Jo-Jo, she will be there at the same time!


I just saw the front page news thread about the Mega Mouse Meet,so I’ll be at the DC booth there. I can’t wait to meet all of you!!!



Will look ypu up when we get in on the 1st… Staying at the same place

Tim & Sharon


How cool! We can have a mini meet after all!


:crying: You must all get into the picture together. Oh how I wish that I could be there.


I want to meet jo-jo! Do you have a way to get in touch with her, Lims?


We’ll be there this weekend…

Thu: MGM/DtD
Fri: AK/Epcot
Sat: Mk/Contemp/MK (Just me and MJ and a couple ppl helping me with her, Andrew has to work that day)

If you see us say hi, our pics are on her blog in the link in my signature. We are also up for pre set meetings, tho MJ doens’t do well in restaurants, so those are out.


No I don;t! :crying:
But I have a picture of her in my head, wearing a tiara! :laugh:


Oh, I wish I was going! We met up with ddoll last summer at Universal, and my kids still talk about it (even though DS was less than impressed with the luau).


Yikes! I hope I didn’t traumatize them! :pinch:


No, even though DS was more than bored with the luau, they loved meeting you ,and still talk about you guys. Your DH was so great with the kids. DS got such a kick out of seeing him at MIB the next day.


Phew, that’s a relief! Hope we get to meet up again. We need a Mass/RI meet sometime. There are alot of DC members in our area.


Count me in! I live in RI by way of Brooklyn. :happy: