Who wants to ride EE on Feb 3, 2006?


If you have loads of money, you can bid for a meal for 2 with the yeti and ‘experience the attraction’. Click here to bid.

I think that will go for a few $$$. Lucky people…


WOW! There is one bid in there for $1,500.00 :mickey:


oh wow, how crazy. Not sure I would want to eat with a Yedi exactly, haha, but getting to ride might be worth it. Does the Yedi get us to the front of the line? hehe.


i’d love to but i can’t afford that. i would rather wait until the ride opens and spend that kind of money to go to WDW.


I would absolutely love that. Too bad I am not rich.


I am with you Dopey, that would be awesome.


That’s OK. I’d rather ride it in January as a CM for FREE! And that’s what I’m gonna do. LOL


Any chance you could sneak a few (100 or so) close DC friends in with you? :laugh: :mickey:


This sounds like it would be a really romantic and exciting date.

a tad expensive, but nice, none the less.


I know, we’ll all pool our money together and the uhhhh yongest person who lives in canada and is on DC will get it…yeah? yeah?


This reminds me of the Haunted Mansion tombstane auction that went for like $20,000. I just wish I could afford it. lil brer would LOVE it.


That is my birthday- I would love something like that- but I am trying to figure out a way to bring a family of 6 for a week and am having issues- cant imagine affording a luxury like that- visiting at all is a luxury to us!



Wow. That’s completely ridiculous.


I agree…however, if I hit the Powerball this week, HB and I will take all DC’ers who want to go!! :tongue:


I would LOVE to eat with, or just meet, a Yeti. Alas! Kind of out of my price range.

yes, I’m odd


Let’s see. We feed our Compassion International child for 60 cents a day…

So this one meal would feed 2500 starving children 3 meals.

Of course, there’s no Yeti…


I have to believe that dinner with a Yeti is a strong selling point on this, not being one of the first to ride this much anticipated coaster. Only Disney could sell an experience like this and make it sound awesome. Have a Romantic Dinner with your significant other and a Yeti, and ride a coaster afterwards. That’s Romance.


I’d have no interest in winning this. I doubt we’d have anything to talk about with him.

How awkward.


I wish I had this kind of money!!!


I am sure he is a little limited conversationally. That’s really too bad for him.