Who wants to work at disney?


Walt Disney World Resort Job Fair: April 11, 2010 through April 18, 2010

apparently they are having an online job fair…


Stage/Audio-Visual Technicians…

interesting… working behind the magic… cool…:happy:


[QUOTE=nubeanie;1028743]Walt Disney World Resort Job Fair: April 11, 2010 through April 18, 2010

apparently they are having an online job fair…[/QUOTE]

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE your tatoo!!!


[QUOTE=fito;1028744]Stage/Audio-Visual Technicians…

interesting… working behind the magic… cool…:happy:[/QUOTE]

Too bad it would either be a 6 hour round trip commute or try and convince the wife to move to Orlando, which would mean she’d need a new job and we’d have to sell our house at a loss.


Hmmm I am sure they might have a lot of opening for bus drivers.


thank you:wub: hopefully when i get some more $$$$$ i am going to get my whole arm done in harry potter theme. my upper arm is going to be hogwarts castle with the scenery becoming a quidditch pitch!!!


That is so cool! I’ve been really looking around for some sort of diney theme (for a tat) and can’t seem to find anything I like.

Hey, I just realized we’ll be at WDW at the same time! Have fun:laugh::laugh:


If I wasn’t a country away, I’d apply in an instant. :crying:


Omg… I would love to work for Disney, if only it wasn’t 4 hrs away…


Sign me up please!


I will be able to do it when I retire from my current job in about…15 years! Hopefully I can get one of my DDs to go to college in Florida so I have an excuse to be there sooner.


That’s the scam I’m trying. I keep telling my DD that college would be SO awesome in Florida…:laugh:


I’m going down for the winter maybe they can find me a temporary position:mickey:


I have plans to work there when I retire in about 10 years. It will only be 45 minutes to an hour for me then.


I used to think I wanted to…I even went on an interview and got a job offer…I couldn’t take it when the offered it to me…but now I think it would loose a little bit of the magic. I’ll just vacate there.


I agree Bella. I think working there and being on vacation are worlds apart!

I may change my mind when I am there tomorrow and apply though!!!:laugh:


I would do it in a heartbeat… but I’ve worked to hard and gone to school to long to get the great job I have now. However, if I saw an opening for an accountant I probably would change my mind. Orlando can’t be that different than Maine for raising my son, right? :laugh:


no snow…lol


The idea is looking better and better! lol


I agree with Bella and my DD. She enjoyed her time there but there’s a WHOLE different kind of magic behind the scenes - and I really don’t want to know about it. I want to keep it my Happy Place.