Who was been to ridemakerz?


how much did it cost? how good was it? aprox how long did it take? if you know the answer to any of these, please let me know! thanks.


Check it out here. This will give you an idea of what it’s all about. DS who is 14 loved it! So did his dad. :happy:

RIDEMAKERZ® - Store Detail


We were just there Nov/Dec. Husband and son-in-law both made their own cars. Husband made Tow Matre (sp?) and son-in-law made Lightning McQueen. We dropped roughly $100 each. By the time you pick the frame, add all the other options, there we were. We did get a $20 gift card for each one that came with the purchase of any package over a certain amount.

We spent about 1 1/2 hours in the store. We have a 2 1/2 year old grandaughter and they had a place for her to color, etc. so it kept her occupied.

They do have a website that you can purchase things on. We haven’t done that just yet. The ‘boys’ had a ball, but wouldn’t do it again.

The end of December, we found that you could purchase the majority of the pieces of the cars in a mall near us. They had little hoists that you could put the motor in with, etc. It was 1/2 the price we paid in WDW.

We would probably do it again as they ‘boys’ had lots of fun making their vehicles.


We did it in August, we spent about $80.00 on the pink car.

DD had a great time building her car with her daddy. It was expensive but for those two to have so much fun together it was well worth the money. :wub:


Thanks for the thread and the responses. I too was curious about this and wondered what it would cost for DS and DH to participate.