Who will be at Disney for Christmas and these dates


December 22-January 4? Should we attempt a meet and greet?
Of course we should not use BossMouse’s feeble idea of said
event :nonono2: :laugh:!! I would be up for doing something,
getting some pictures for the other MouseBuzzers and our local
police stations. I know its a busy, busy time for all of us, but we
could hash it out here and see what happens. What say you?


Sorry- we don’t get there until Jan 20! Did Christmas 2 years ago and while it was great- never again- waaaaay too crowded- MK closed just about every day we were there- we had to stay once we were in. But wow the decorations and the warm fuzzy christmas feeling were just awesome!!! Have fun!


I’m just missing you too…leaving Dec.16th:sad: