Who will be at WDW in May!


I have seen a number of people post that they are taking trips in May.

If you are going in May list here your dates…


I’ll be there May 5th - 16th.


The Tiggers will be there May 13th and 14th. Our time will be limited seeing we are meeting up with family for the weekend. I don’t know what parks we will be at on the 13th but I have a feeling it will be Disney Studio.

I will post more detail as in the next week or so.


Also going May 5 to the 17! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


We’ll be there May 1 through May 7!!


I am hoping to but no set plans yet.


I will avoid that weekend at all cost knowing that there is crazy cornhusker running around the parks. :angel: :tongue:
I really hope to be there sometime around that time frame. I will let you know.


Yeah look what happened to Erin…She got lost and rained on when I was in the same park as her :dry:


I will be there forEVER lol, but anytime you guys are starting to gather for another M&G count me IN! :biggrin:
Looks like the 14th or 15th there will be anubmer of people there eh?


We’ll be there the 13th - 21st


I’m up for a Meet-n-greet any time that’s good for most people.


Hi, I will be there May 14 - 20
Party of 5 POR Dawn4


You could of TRIED to save the day, Tigger…you could of tried…



We’ll be there May 4th - 13th


Oh don’t cry we got to meet so it wasn’t a total loss of a day!

So when are you going in May Erin!


We are going from May 25th to June 2.


We will be there between the 7th and the 13th!!! :wub:


We’d like to go May 12-14 for DS birthday. No firm plans yet.


Me, JoAnn, and Leslie, all DC members, will be there May 5 to May 12, staying at POFQ!!! Would like to meet DCer’s. Joe


We are going to be at POFQ May 5th-15th, maybe our paths will cross!