Who will see john carter


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Nope I’ve never heard of John Carter till a bit ago and it doesn’t seem to be something that would interest me at all.


My DH and I liked it. Just got back from seeing it a little bit ago. It is kind of like Avatar…yet different. We have never read the books so I cannot compare.


We saw it also today and liked it,I recomend it


Nothing in the previews appealed to me.


Never heard of it until I started seeing the previews! Will hopefully be seeing it in the next week or so, looks like something I’d enjoy!


Disney won’t be to happy to hear that you never heard about it,they advertised during the super bowl and oscars,spent a small fortune on marketing it…and alot of people like you say they never heard of it…someone needs to get fired…to me the ads were weak and forgetable


We went this afternoon, lots of fun! My DH and I both loved it!


Speaking of the marketing…
I tune in to Disney from a mile away. I can be driving by an antenna topper 5 lanes over going the other way at 65mph and see the mouse ears. Even though I spent 6 lovely days at Disneyland recently, the ONLY place I found this John Carter business was because I was searching for the link to the One More Disney Day sweepstakes and found the John Carter one. Then, saw that was for Aulani and checked it out.
I have not seen it anywhere else.
We did however see the new movie trailer for the little red head girl… -can’t remember the movie name-at Animation Academy and it looks awesome! Very Irish/Celtic theme going. LOVE IT!


We will most likely wait until the movie is for sale and watch it at home. The actor’s name I dont know but he was the guy who played Gambit in the last X-men movie.
The book is a classic and areally good story. The story does have you take several leaps of faith (for instance waking up on a strange planet) but is really entertaining.