Who would you want over for Thanksgiving?


So, you win a prize, and you get one of the Disney characters over for Thanksgiving. Who will it be?


Either Minnie or Daisy for me… need a shopping buddy…


Minnie…of course!!!:wub: :wub:


Goofy of course…gawarshhhh!!!


Gosh, I love Donald. I would have him over even though he would probably criticise the food and possibly even break an item or two. :laugh:


Hmmm…I think I would like to have Minnie over (especially if she wore her LTT outfit!)


Cinderella. Girl knows how to clean & do the dishes.


Goofy would crack the kids up and get them in trouble- So fun!


Now THAT’S funny! :laugh:


Eeyore. :smile:


I know Goofy would cause a huge frustrating mess and we would be trying to find a pizza place open. Donald would inevitably bring the bratty nephews. I have a bad feeling Mickey would sit back in the recliner watching football with the guys. Cinderella might feel to entitled to do the dishes now…after all, she’s a princess. I think Minnie would make a mean pie and would be a great help in the kitchen and even entertain the kids.


Well you said me so the answer is Mickey
My DW it would be Minnie
My DGD would be Cinderella
My DD’s it would be Goofy


Pluto…my kids decided that Pluto was their imaginary friend for about a month when they were little. It was so cute.


My kids wanted Goofy to make things more fun!


well…my kids say Ariel and Aurora, DH would choose Jasmine (cuz she’s hot, he says - lol) and I’d go with good ole Mickey!


Hades of course


My thoughts exactly.


Mickey. Definitely Mickey. :wub:


My son would pick Stitch, that’s his favorite!!!


Oh, I forgot poor Stitch!!! Maybe Tink…a little pixie dust to keep things merry