Who wouldn't want this experience?


The First Family of the Magic Kingdom (All Ears® Guest Blog)


Now that is the ultimate Disney day! How wonderful to be chosen. We saw a family open Typhoon Lagoon (not quite the same but nice for them) thanks for the link the photos are great.


I would love to be the first family! Who wouldn’t?

Our local Disney friends were chosen to be the First Family at Epcot. I don’t think anything could top MK, though!


Oh, how I would LOVE to do that. Gonna have to make the girls look extra cute and maybe we could get picked. One can hope.


I would LOVE to do that also but seem to just miss it every time. We’ve had families standing right in front of us or beside us be chosen to open a park at least 4 different times! The best thing we’ve had happen so far was winning dream fastpasses back during the year of a millions dreams. I was on cloud nine then, if this happened to me they would probably have to pick me up from passing out!


I would LOVE to do this…but I would also like to flip the switch for the Osborne Lights!


Ohhh so lucky! That would be amazing!


We were chosen last year! It was an amazing event!! I think I talked about it in one of my TRs.


that would be awesome:smile: