Whole Trip fast pass and show reservation coming?


Mouseplanet reports:

[I]What has generated the most discussion around the Internet is the revelation of some of the things in store via the “Next Generation” project. Staggs noted that guests will “be able to create a personalized itinerary” for their entire Disney vacation. “Guests will be able to reserve times for their favorite attractions and character interactions… secure seats at our shows and spectaculars… make dining reservations… and pre-book many other favorite guest experiences – all before even leaving their house. We also plan to simplify the check-in process so that guests will arrive at the resort with room key in hand. They will be able to go straight to their room or a theme park – again, allowing them to get to the fun faster.”[/I]

I don’t know about this. The next step of course will be Deluxe resort guests getting preferred times etc…


I can see where this could definitely be a problem! Disney has the advantage on other parks when they advertise fast pass for everyone. It’s a problem when it classifies groups, especially at the prices we are already paying.


I could see it working, but for the people that are willing to put that much thought into their trip. Which I know is a lot of us, but the normal folk that take a trip to Disney once in a blue moon may lose out.


and of course the best laid plans…dont always work out that way! I for one have enough to do planning resorts, flights, insurance, car hire, ADR’s without planning rides shows check in etc- its supposed to be a vacation-this sounds like hard work before we even get there- we’ll need a vacation to get over the planning for the vacation!


Sometimes the best vacations are when you just figure it out as go


I cannot imagine planning exactly a time when I wanted to do each attraction. I could get WAY too obsessive if given this option. I have a general order we do things in but we still need flexibility for things like snack breaks, potty for the toddler, diaper changes for the infant, inpromtu shopping, or when lines don’t match up with my plan! I CAN see this working for us for shows that we plan times for anyway like Beauty and the Beast, Lights Motors Action, Finding Nemo the Musical.


I’ve tried planning exactly when to do what, but it never really works out… sometimes you can’t cross the park because of a parade. Sometimes a ride shuts down unexpectedly… sometimes the kids get tired.

I’m afraid we just don’t plan far enough in advance to really take advantage of this. We’ve always just lucked out by having an idea of what to do when because of our previous trips. I kind of hope they don’t do this… it just seems like too much work to have to plan the day out before you get there.