Who's already booked on the new "Disney Dream" ship?


Does anyone have a cruise booked for the new Disney Dream yet? We just booked one with a departure date of July 1st, 2011 & I was surprised to see there weren’t many cabins left during several dates that I looked into!!! No inside or porthole rooms available AT ALL on some of the saildates.

So, is anyone already booked?


Congratulations on booking on the Disney Dream. I’m thinking about going on a Disney cruise in two years. Nate’s been asking to go on a Disney cruise for a few years so I’m thinking it would be something fun to do for his 8th grade graduation. Our travel buddies have a daughter who will be graduating from high school at the same time so it would be perfect for both of our families.


Congrats!! We are booked for May 12, 2011. At first it was going to be fall '11.
BTW, how was your cruise?


Congratulations on booking the Dream! Thats exciting. And insane, but I believe that is practically sold out for some dates. I can’t wait to do a Disney Cruise. Excited to see your TR on that! :laugh:


[QUOTE=2nd Star;1039582]Congrats!! We are booked for May 12, 2011. At first it was going to be fall '11.
BTW, how was your cruise?[/QUOTE]

TOTALLY amazing, like TOTALLY amazing. We absolutely loved it, Alaska was beautiful.

Actually, speaking of which, there’s a little tiff going on in my house right now because Daniel wants to go back to Alaska next year… but on the Disney boat. I want to try something different & go on the new boat like we’re already booked for.



Congratulations Wishy on booking the Dream, sounds wonderful and setting sail on my birthday too ( got to be good)


I had the Dream booked for Presidents week, but decided to do a 7 night instead so we are booked on the Western Caribbean Magic cruise, 3/5!

I’m hoping I’ll be able to plan a last minute 3 or 4 night Dream cruise at some point next year (late August or October) but we shall see…

Congrats on booking!!! We have the actual model for the ship at our store, I love looking at it every day! The Aqua Duck looks incredible!


We are booked April 3, 2011 and I can’t wait!


Wishy I am so happy you and the rest are booked, but so jealous that I will not be on that ship until 2012 at least. By then Fantasy will be out.
The Alaska cruise on DCL looks great, go ahead and induldge the DH :laugh: