Who's been in December?


We are planning a trip to WDW for December 17-23 2005.

Anyone who’s gone before during that time, how was it? The guidebooks say it should be slow the first few days, then start picking up as it gets closer to Christmas.

I know some stuff will be closed due to being off season, but will characters be out and about like they are during busy times? What do you think park hours will be? (Curious to know if I should try to find some evening activities if they close early). Will there still be fireworks/Fantasmic??

Any info will be helpful! We’ve only ever gone to the world in March in the past, so this will be a new experience…

Oh, will MVMCP be going on while we’re there? I’m really looking forward to that! Plus my B-day is Dec 18th, so some suggestions for a fun B-day would be great! (we will have our 5yo with us)!

Thanks for all the help!


I go a couple days before disney…and never is too crowded. Some rides open up with big crowds…so in a way, they are a plus…also, the park hours get longer. Characters are out and about yes, I saw Stitch and Buzz right next to each other…in fact, characters were everywhere last december. Yes, Wishes and Fantasmic still go on as planned…so don’t worry about that…hope I could help!


We will be there Dec 10th - 18th and I hear it is a great time to go!! Low crowd levels, MVMCP, all the Christmas stuff . I think you have picked a good time to go!!!


It’s a great time to go!!! Enjoy the MVMCP and all the decorations!!! But remember the nighttime can be chilly that time of year. Joe


We went in 2004 about the same timeframe. AFAIK, the last MVMCP is the Friday before Christmas Eve.

Based on my experience and what others have told me, right up until the last MVMCP, the parks are very empty.

But, that Saturday before Christmas, things heat up very very fast. In 2004 it was really bad. The stand-by line for Test track was nearly 3 hours and at 10:00, you could get a FP for Test Track around 6pm. It was insane!

But Disney REALLY does Christmas well. The special ending for Wishes at the MVMCP is very cool and the Christmas ending for IllumiNations practically brings tears to your eyes.

Definately a great time to see Disney.


We went Dec 18-25 2004 and didn’t find the crowds too bad unti labout the 22nd.
With Christmas being on a SUnday this year, I think a lot will depend on when schools break for the holidays. If a lot of school boards decide to go right unti the 23rd you may find it not too bad until the 24th which would be perfect for you…


What a great time to go. Do not miss MVMCP. It is worth the extra money. Also don’t miss The Osborne Family Lights display when you go to MGM. We went a little earlier in Dec. 2004 and there were plenty of characters around.


I am so excited about seeing the decorations, and celebrating my B-day at Disney!

Our schools actually go up through the 22nd, and the 23rd is a scheduled snow make up day. But our daughter will be in kindergarten, so we figured it would be ok to miss a few days (especially right before the Christmas break, since they won’t be doing too much). Not too many happy teachers around here!!


This proves that it’s all a matter of perspective.

We found the crowds to be pretty bad starting on the 18th and nearly unbearable starting on the 20th.

The moral of this story is:

Take everyone’s opinion (especially mine :biggrin: ) with a grain of salt.


My partner and I went last December, but it was earlier in the month shortly after Thanksgiving. The decorations are already up everywhere and Christmas music is played everywhere. The party at MK is great, the Christmas parade not to be missed. Ditto The Osbourne Lights at MGM. At EPCOT don’t miss the Candlelight Celebration. We were lucky enough to see it the night that Jim Cavesiel (sp?) was guest reader and it was a powerful experience. And yes, the Christmas ending of Illuminations is immensely moving, espically given my spiritual beliefs as a Quaker.

It was a bit more crowded than we had been led to believe would be the case for that time of year, but I think this was due to people changing their reservations because of the hurricanes that hit Florida last year. All the rides were open and some of the parks stayed open later than usual rather than closing early (MK does close early on MVMCP days) I think it’s a great time to go and you’ll have a great time!


It’s a great time of the year to go. The first of the month the weather is usually great and gets colder as the month progresses. Good luck on your trip


We got there the day after Christmas and stayed 5 days. It was VERY crowded but I’ve seen worse (refererring to some of the crowds I’ve seen in DL). All of the popular rides had long waits but for most of them, there were ways around those waits (fastpasses, child switch passes). Animal Kingdom was the worst. They actually closed the front gates for 3 hours on the day that we were there, and they ran out of fastpasses early in the day for most of their rides. The wait for the safari was 120 minutes - 2 hours. You couldn’t pay me enough to wait for a single ride that long. Life is too short.

I think the week you are going will be better, because most people will still be sticking close to home for Christmas. The weather was absolutely fantastic as well.


Hope the crowds are low… cause we will be there too!!! :mickey: :mickey:


I have been twice in December and I did not think the crowds were that bad. You get to see all of the Christmas likes and stuff. It’s really cool. You will have fun!!


We have been the first week of December and it wasn’t crowded at all plus the decoartion sare up already all over the World. I have friends that go the week before and it still isn’t too crowded but from the 22 on it can be quite busy and yes, cold for you southerners. Isn’t is cool that you can usually tell where people are from the way they are dressed during winters in Florida. Me, I wear shorts until it gets below 50 and no jacket either until then.