Who's buying the Toy Story 3 Combo pack on Tues.?


If you are, here’s a coupon for $8 off.

Toy Story 3 Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack $8 Coupon - Special Offers and Sweepstakes - Disney Movie Rewards

It’s for the Blu-ray combo pack. I hope someone can use it.


Probably not buying the combo pack but am buying the dvd… can’t wait… didn’t get a chance to see it yet.


Definitely buying it, but I already have a coupon. Thank you! I can not wait to get my hot little hands on the movie!


I’m getting it. I don’t have a coupon printer downloaded for my Computer but I have it printed off of the Costco site that we have here in Ontario. I can’t wait to get it. Such a sweet movie.


I am for sure! Can’t wait…


Thanks for the info. I just printed the coupon.


I got my coupon printed off the disney rewards site for use in canada. And it doesn’t say that it cannot be use with other offer ne where so when Zellers has it on sale for 29.99 on tues I going!!!


Tomorrow is the big day. I am going to vote and then to buy TS3 with my coupon. I can’t wait to see it.



ENJOY :happy:


Hi all, thanks for posting this timkelmom
I just want to verify something, I know tomorrow TS3 comes out but that’s for the combo right?
blue ray and DVD right?
I don’t need the blue ray, so if I am seeing this right, I can pre-order the dvd now, for a release date of 11/12…
I just wanted to double check I am seeing this right.



I love that they offer the DVD/Blueray combo pack. We don’t have a blueray player yet (well, except for the PS3), but I know we will get one some day…so it’s nice to have the option of having a DVD to use now, and a blueray in the future!! I guess a lot of people are in my shoes!

Thanks for the coupon!!


Thanks! My oldest daughter is a HUGE Toy Story fan.


Happy to share. Pixeemom, the coupon is for the Blu-ray/dvd combo pack. I thought all formats came out tomorrow.


[QUOTE=StaceyDarling!;1055369]TOY STORY TUESDAY!!! :blush:

ENJOY :happy:[/QUOTE]

Thanks so much for the montage.


Very welcome!! I have so many cute Toy Story pics, I’ve been dying to share them! haha. :wub:


Yeah !!! I got my Combo pack, a lunch pail and a $10 off when you spend $50 at Zellers today and it only cost me $25.82 after my coupon and taxes!!! Know I shall prepare to cry while I watch it!!!


I told my daughter lotso bought it for her:). I picked the girls up from daycare with their lotso and woody dolls in their car seats. I had lotso holding the DVD and my daughter wouldn’t stop kissing him. She really believes her toys come to life when she’s away. I wish they didn’t have to grow up:(


Great story, I did get Toy Story 3 today but only the dvd copy.


News Flash!!! Walmart has the TS3 combo (4 disks) on sale for $24, so after the $8 coupn, it will be under $17.00!! Got ours this morning- what a great movie!


That is the cutest story. I miss that my kids have outgrown that sort of stuff. I hope you enjoyed the moment.