Who's Cruising


Name of the ship please!:happy:


Hey Llamaramadingdong, I guess my name needs to come off that cruising list :happy:


I’ve already STRUCK YOU OFF Dahlink!:happy: (you’ll have way more fun with me, anyway.:closedeye:laugh:)


You struck meeeeee :laugh:

Tank yu berry mutsh :biggrin:


Wonder January 11-15, 2009
Can’t wait


Tink 24(Kate) and kids Sept 6-13th 4 day land/3 day sea Disney Magic


We were going to try for October and that is not going to work. It looks like it is going to be November sometime for us. It is to hard for us now to schedule something during Hurricane season especially with doggies. I am going to find a last minute deal!


Think I’m caught up again.:happy:


:laugh::laugh::laugh: I forgot to mention 2009 :laugh::laugh::laugh: sorry:pinch::blush::heart:


Fixed it up.:happy:


I wish we were cruising Disney but at least we are going on two cruises in 2009

March 29-April 5 Carnival Valor Western Caribbean
August 25-September 6 Carnival Liberty Northern Europe



October 25th 2008
Disney Magic


Got both of you!:happy: And welcome to Mousebuzz rylisal!

Oooh - disneymom - a Northern European - that’ll be great. We did a Mediterranian in June - it was amazing!


We’ll be on the 7-night Western on 4-11 October. We need the relaxatiion!


Oooh - disneymom - a Northern European - that’ll be great. We did a Mediterranian in June - it was amazing

Yes we are very excited. I am most looking forward to spending two days in St Petersberg. I think our next Europe cruise will be the Mediterranian. Where did you go?


Mystic and Mom will be sailing on the Disney Wonder on a Land and Sea Cruise December 5 (Land start) 2009. We’ll be staying at the Beach Club and hopping on the Wonder Dec 10 2009


We left from Southhampton, England, then went to Barcelona, Nice, France, Florence, Italy, Rome, Italy, Gibraltar and Lisbon, Portugal - it was amazing!

I hear that St. Petersburg is wonderful!




Its official - we were confirmed today for the 4 night on 10/26/2008 on the Wonder! :mickey:


You’re on the list BaaBeE:happy: