Who's Cruising


You got my dates wrong…
Reiko : Disney Magic Western Caribbean; April 18-25 2009.


Please add captgoodguy to June 14-18 on the Disney Wonder!


2nd Star-Oct.29-Nov.1-Disney Wonder



I think it’s up-to-date!:happy:


We’ll be doing the Western Caribean trip 9/5-12/09 on the Magic. Any other MBer cruising?

Also, NCL Pride of America Hawaii 5/22-29/10.

PS - it looks like Tinkerbell24 is on the Wonder for the land/sea package. If she’s on the Magic she’ll miss the boat because it’s leaving 9/5. She’ll have to catch up with us in Key West on the 6th! :laugh:


I got Tinkerbelle24 settled on the Wonder - that girl has no idea where she’s going.:laugh:

And everything is updated. Sorry I’ve been neglecting this! This house-selling thing is taking up all my time. Once it’s sold, I’ll be looking for a cruise!


Ok, don’t blame me, blame the MIL. After 2 years of complaining and being urged to do something about it, she has finally decided to have her knee fixed. Which screws up our Sept cruise plans.

So now it’s…RLCarmichael Oct 17 DCL Magic Western Caribbean Cruise

Less chance of hurricanes any way. :laugh:

OK - you’re now settled on Oct. 17.


I’m going on a cruise! I just booked it last night. Nothing like last minute, huh? :laugh:

6/28 to Bermuda on the Norwegian Dawn from NY


[QUOTE=iluvwdw;969499]I’m going on a cruise! I just booked it last night. Nothing like last minute, huh? :laugh:

6/28 to Bermuda on the Norwegian Dawn from NY[/QUOTE]

Sounds terrific! Sorry I took so long posting it - but I think I’m all caught up!


Add me to the list, Janice!

2/14/10-2/18/10 - DISNEY WONDER


[QUOTE=iluvwdw;985362]Add me to the list, Janice!

2/14/10-2/18/10 - DISNEY WONDER[/QUOTE]

Gotcha down! Now it’s official!:happy:


I’m so excited to say that we’re going on our 1st Cruise ever!! We’re on the Carnival Conquest to the Western Caribbean, March 14-21st, 2010! We’re celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary(about 11 months delayed) and the twins’ Sweet Sixteenth Birthday (about a month early).


You’re on the list! Enjoy your first cruise! It won’t be your last!:happy:


Wishing we could have got on board with DSis and her family (AGOOFYFAMILY) for their celebrations in March…

But we booked our first cruise next month :slight_smile: Oct 8 - 12th On the Carnival Fantasy out of New Orleans. We are excited (and a little nervous) about our first cruise.


We are on the Disney Magic on October 30th, 2010 with Nastory4! Please add us!!:laugh:


MK032197 - January 17 - 21- Wonder


MK032197 January 17- 21 Disney Wonder


Trying to set up March 2010 cruise on DCL!!!


Sorry it took me awhile to post these - I’ve been behind due to the move. Skwak - is it for a week? That’s what I assumed. Let me know - thanks.


I am going on another cruise in 2010. YAY!

6/27-7 nights
NCL - Dawn to Bermuda

And I am planning my 2011 cruise tomorrow…