Who's Cruising


looking into the dream cruise tomorrow …see what they want for it…congrats on your plans you are going to really enjoy it


I’m trying for the DREAM tomorrow, too! GOOD LUCK! :happy:


I really want a 7 day cruise but I want to try the dream also…so I am compromising…really tough decision…great cruise or great cruise…its tough


I am also trying for the Dream in the morning!


Which cruise are you trying for?


7 night western or the disney dream 4 night


Dream 3 night 9/15 or 10/27
Which one are you?


Monrailrider: March 13-17, 2011 Disney Dream!!


We go on our Med cruise on Sunday, leaving for Barcelona on Friday. Very excited as neither of us have cruised before. The ship is Voyager of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)


oct 23rd 2011…4night …THE DREAM…cat5B


2nd star-September 15-18 ,2011 Disney Dream


Glad to see more Dream cruisers!! It is hard to think of a 4 nighter after doing 7, but it will be fun to see the new ship.

We are booked April 3, 2011 for 4 nights.
We are also booked for April 3, 2010 7 nights on the Magic.


I am officially booked!

Disney Dream - Presidents Week - 2/20/11-4 nights


Disney Wonder 12/08
Disney Wonder 2/10


Booked back2back cruise May 26 2011 and May29 2011…3 days at castaway cay!!! Wil be our 7th and 8th Disney cruise.


I am so happy for you, and jealous at the same time! :laugh:


I am booked for the Bahamas 6/27/2011 with Carnival. It’s not DCL, but it’s the family reunion, and as pesuasive as I can be, don’t think I could have pulled off getting everyone to go on a Disney boat.


We are also on the Disney Dream on 8/7/11 - 8/12/11! Please update us!!! :cool:


disney wonder october 28th through the 30th


Darn, we are on the Magic October 30th - November 6th, oh well!