Who's going to Magic Meets this year?


Magic Meets is a Disney fan gathering in PA. It’s alot of fun with guest speakers, raffles, etc… Just wondering who else is going besides Me, DD, Dee and Miss Smig???

Also we usually make a weekend of it and go to Hershey Park as well! :happy:

Note: If your thinking about going or even if it’s a small possibility, go to the website and register. You have first dibs on tickets once they become available and believe me they SELL OUT in mere Days!!!
So if you are thinking about going Register EARLY!!!
They will email you when it’s time, and give you first priority on Tickets!!!
Don’t be sorry!!!

it’s alot of fun, I went 2 years in a row now, and Dee and Miss Smig went last year for the first time. I know karliebug has gone in the past and mrspooky went year before and won a 3 nt stay at a vacation home right outside WDW for her family!!!

I hope more MBers can make it this year, it will be alot of fun!
You dont even have to stay the weekend if you dont want to, but if you do (travelling a far distance) Fred Block who runs Magic Meets blocks space at the hotel where it’s being held at a reduced rate, it’s about 15mins outside of Hershey, 5mins from Harrisburg.

MagicMeets Fan Gatherings

The date this year is Saturday July 19th


Maybe we can get a Jersey road trip together!


Thanks for reminding me Val… I have to put in for the weekend.
Keep in mind I am planning on staying at the Hampton Inn which is about 10 minutes from the event… still got my number… give me a call about it.


I still have your phone #! :happy:

Yeah we have to meet up, but Iam def. staying in Hershey! :happy:


that would be cool!!!
Where is everyone else??? All our local MBers???
Ive heard many MBers say they want to go but never sign up???
or tickets sell out on them and they didnt get tickets???

What’s up people???


I missed last year because I was at my mom’s in SC. I am definitely going this year. Do they have the details set yet? I haven’t gotten any emails.


No details yet, just the date!!


How far is this event from Hershey, PA?

Is this a full day event? If I went for a weekend, would I be able to go to the Meet one day, Hershey Park the other day?

How much are tickets?


There’s a possibility that I might go this year. Stu and I loved Hershey Park and are considering taking the family for a 3 day trip. However, it will all depend on when (and if) we’ll be taking our next Disney trip.

Right now we’re thinking maybe the end of August/begining of Sept. (for possible free dining) or Christmas week. (We want to get one more '08 trip in before we plan Ireland for 6/09) If we’re going in the fall, a trip to Hershey (even just for the day for me) will be out. In order to afford Disney for 6, we’re pretty limited on extras the month before.


The event is about 20mins from Hershey.
The event lasts about from 10am - 6pm

And that is exactly what I do Kim. But I arrive Fri nite at the hotel, go to bed wake up, go to event and then go to Hershey the next day, then drive home that nite. This year Iam going to try and get more Hershey Park time in! :happy:

They have a kids room for the kids if you want to bring them in there and feel comfortable leaving them in there for the 1/2 hr breakout sessions. The kids have a blast in there, and my DD is in and out of that room all day!.

Prices: 48.00 each adt, 22.00 each chd


Here is the FAQ that I copied and pasted for all to read:
Please note, that this was based on the 2007 event last year.

Q: What is MagicMeets?
A: MagicMeets is an annual event where Disney fans from online communities gather to share their interest in all things Disney!

Q: Who is MagicMeets for?
A: It’s for Disney Fans of all ages! If you enjoy Disney parks, movies, collectables, cartoons, characters, scrap booking and more, you’ll love our gathering.

Q: Can I bring my kids to MagicMeets?
A: Of course you can! We even have activities planned especially for them. These include arts and crafts, a magician, face painting, temporary tattoos, pin trading, and more!

Q: What events are planned for this year?
A: We have so many exciting surprises planned; we simply can’t fit them all here! Please visit our Event Info page to get this year’s details.

Q: How do I register?
Note: Registration for the 2007 Event is closed. It sold out in 10 days. Please check back with us for 2008!
A: It’s simple! Visit our Register Now! Page, enter information for each member of your party, then simply lock-in your registration by paying by credit card or PayPal. Due to the smaller gatherings we have, events book up fast! Make sure you sign up for our email newsletter to find out when registration for the next MagicMeets becomes open to the public.

Q: What is the cost to register?
A: MagicMeets 2007 one-day event admission is $48.00 per adult and $22.00 per child. This cost covers buffet-style lunch, soft drinks, coffee, and deserts, prizes and access to keynote sessions and all of our break-out room sessions.

Q: What payment options are available for registration?
A: Most payments are processed via PayPal. Through them you can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or use your deduct from your existing account balance. You may also pay via money order. No checks or cash will be accepted.

Q: Can I transfer/sell my ticket to another person?
A: If for some reason you’ve already paid and cannot attend the 2007 MagicMeets Disney Fans Gathering, you can request permission to transfer your ticket to someone else by emailing support@magicmeets.com. “NO” tickets can be transferred “OR” sold without Fred Block’s prior “written” consent. Our registration process ties each admission ticket to a specific attendee, helping us deter any undesirable practices that could lessen the magic for our guests.

Q: How can I make hotel reservations for the 2007 event?
A: We’ve booked a block of discounted rooms at our event’s location: The Radisson Penn Harris Hotel & Convention Center in Camp Hill, PA. Please call :(717) 763-7117 to make your hotel reservations and be sure to mention the group code “MAGIC MEETS” to get the discounted rate. Please see the Hotel and Room Information section on our Event Info page for details.

Q: Is the event location and hotel accessible for people with physical disabilities?
A: Of course! We chose this hotel and event location with accessibility in mind. After all, we want every one of our friends to be able to share in the magic! Guests with special needs that are staying at the hotel should request a first floor room as there is no elevator in the hotel.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: For the 2007 MagicMeets event, we will allow a 50% refund for any person that has already paid and needs to cancel prior to May 15th 2007. After that, be aware that there will be no refunds. If for some reason you cannot attend, you can request permission to transfer your ticket to someone else by emailing support@magicmeets.com. “NO” tickets can be transferred “OR” sold without Fred Block’s prior “written” consent.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: We promise that the information gathered in the registration system will be used solely for MagicMeets events and will not be shared with any other parties that are not related to MagicMeets functions. To report any abuse or violations of this policy, please send an email to support@magicmeets.com with complete details for us to research.

Q: How can I become a MagicMeets Sponsor?
A: Please contact Fred Block, Founder and Senior Event Coordinator at 888-77-MEETS or support@magicmeets.com.

Q: How can I volunteer for MagicMeets?
A: We’re always happy to have extra help making our event even more magical! Please email colleen@magicmeets.com and include your name and how you’d like to help.


Jen, they have a special disney scrapbooking session that they held last year for first time after the meet, I think you would love it!
Oh they also sell to Magic Meets attendees discounted group rates for Hershey Park for Sunday, the day after the meet and that is paid in advance. If You can swing it, the Magic Meets event tickets and Hershey park tickets is paid in advance, so the only thing you would need was hotel if you stay and food or souvenirs for Sunday only. There is a big meal at the event that day so the only thing you would be paying for OOP is breakfast before you go. It would be really cool if you and the other Jen could go! :happy:


I am definitely going this year. I’m not sure if I’ll be solo, with kids and hubby or with just hubby, but I WILL BE THERE!!!


Dang I forgot to put in for the weekend off… I am going to do it tonight. Actually I have to put in for June, July and August…

MagicMeets is really cool… we should get a MB table together… I’ll make a big reserved sign… Since I have to get there eariler than others… I have to help with registration I hope…


My friend and I are planning on going this year. We’re in York so we’ll be commuting.


I would love to but thats my DD Megans bday and I was thinking about a surprise trip to SW


Oh how Cool!!!:happy:
Have you ever been to one before?


Val, thanks for all the info! I am REALLY considering going!!!


that would be so cool Kim!!! :happy:
Iam really looking forward to it and Hershey!!
now get your butt over there and register! :laugh:
that way when it’s time, you’ll get an email notice when its time to sign up


REGISTRATION is OPEN everyone!!!

I just registered!!! :happy:

Please note that you do NOT have to pay yet, you are just registering for the event and they will send you an email when the tickets start selling and they give the ppl that registered first dibs on the tickets!!! (last year sold out in 10 DAYS!!!)


New this year…

They are now asking you which online community you are from and what your user name is and they will put that on your name badge!!! :cool: :happy: