Whos going to or already at disney?


Who is going to Disney Uber Soon or is already there? I have a very special request for you, I would be eternally grateful! I need to get a picture of the Plaza Resturant and Plaza Ice Cream Parlor inside. If I can get a hold of that I can complete TWO buildings of my little project and you will get all the credit for those two buildings! I’ll even write your names on the bottom plates of it so if someone asks wow that looks cool I would say yes and its all because of ______ _______ of ______ _______! PLEASE HELP!!


Well, I’ll be in Disneyland tomorrow. Slightly different though.


yeah i need Disney world. I would still appreciate those pictures. who knows it might help!


Going in June, Can’t wait!


I’m not going soon, but I’m just curious - what is your project about?




My sister and I ate at Plaza Restaurant last September so I’ll see if my sister has some pics of it. She’s a picture taking finatic, but that was our very last meal, so I don’t know how tired she was by that point lol. If not, I’m going in 8 days, so I’ll try to make a point to get a pic to you then.


that would be amazing!


Sounds like it’s been chilly this week at WDW… wondering if everyone down there has been freezing!


oh wow, what a project!!!
Good luck with it, hope you find the pictures you need. :happy:


Bad news is…
sis only had pics of the inside and of the sundae they brought us to eat…

Good news is…
still going in 7 days! :o)

btw… Awesome project from one Disney/Lego lover to another!


thats what I need is pictures of the inside lol!


Scroll most of the way down this page and you’ll see some photos of the Plaza Restaurant.

Walt Disney World Theme Park Restaurant Photo Gallery


those help out a little but not a lot because I was hoping for the unbiased photo one where someone is in it and they are focusing on the person but capture the room behind that person. and It doesn’t cover the Ice Cream shop


I shall be there in August and September but dont know exactly when just yet :slight_smile:


Here are some shots of the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. It was kinda hard to get the shots due to the space, but I hope they help!


And here are some shot of the Plaza Restaurant. Again, I hope this is what you’re looking for!


Now I’m curious do you have a website of your progress or pictures of what you’ve done. There was a lead up to announcing it and then this thread, I’m hooked and nosey and I want to see. :laugh:


OMG YOU ARE GETTING FULL CREDIT lol those hi res pictures (better than the 20 pixel X 20 pixels I keep finding) are exactly what I needed to see to help me get this thing done! I’m sending you Pm to find out info so I can give you credit now!


I used to but since lost the ownership to the website due to lack of activity, it was sad, but I plan on starting another website soon after I get these models done and some screen shots taken.